World War II;Henry J. Stadnicki

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S/Sgt. Henry Stadnicki
Finance Office
51st Troop Carrier Group
New York, N. Y.
October 17, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Rhode Island
U. S. A.


“Thanks a million.”….that’s about all I can say to reply for your kind thoughts for we boys in the service, and I sure do mean what I say. It’s a cheerful feeling to get a small package from the gang at school, and it’s really appreciated.

The more I travel, the smaller the world seems to get. At the present time, I’m calling England my home. Yes sir, I’m touring the Old World and getting paid for it, plus the experiences I’m acquiring. Besides, it never occurred to me while I was in school, that I would ever set foot on the soil of England, but here I am. Now that I’ve got some odds and ends off my mind, I’ll try to write something of interest.

England…what is it like?...well, I imagine there may be thousands of other questions that could be asked, but it would be impossible to answer them for obvious reasons. All in all I’d say that it really don’t look much different as we see it in our motion picture theatres. The scenery here is beautiful, everything here seems to be green and brown, with green predominating. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel in the air over the territory around this vicinity, and that’s when you really get a clearer picture of the beauty of this land. However, I’m sorry I can’t say the same about the weather here, as most of the time it’s misty and cold with a good proportion of rain mixed in. Guide books here say that this weather is comparable to the climate, say in Seattle or Boston, but I doubt that sincerely. Even in August, I found it much too cool to go in swimming here.

I think every person who has visited in England, has visited London, and I’m no exception. My two-day stay in London was quite enjoyable and interesting, and if the opportunity were present, I could write quite a story about it, but that’s impossible under the present circumstances. However I can mention some of the historical sights I had seen in London, mostly: Westminster Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Parliament Building with Big Ben, London Bridge, Hyde Park, Picadilly [sic] Circus, Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s Monument, Buckingham Palace and a host of others. I was fortunate enough to be in front of the palace when a change of guard took place, which happens once every 24 hours, and I can assure you that they put on quite a show for that occasion.

I wish some of you folks would tell Mr. Gulski, Mr. Lee, Mr. Appleby, Mr. Naylor, Mr. Mercier, Mr. Shors, Mr. Fisal, Mr. Ripley, and the rest of the gang that I’m asking for them…and On THE, don’t forget to note the change in my address. Until….

S/Sgt Henry Stadnicki
[Transcription ends]