World War II;North Africa;Russell Aliczi;Alfred Angelone;Carlo Conte;Leo Delaney;Raymond Marshall;William McGrath;Harry Melkonian;Bertrand Pinnsonnault;William Risso;Douglas Ward;Professor Gulski;Professor Shors;Professor Lee;Professor Naylor;Professor Appleby;Professor Vinal;Professor Mercer;Professor Ripley

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T/Sgt. Henry Stadnicki
Finance Dept.
51st Troop Carrier Wing
A. P. O. 650
New York, N. Y.

c/o Bryant College
Hope Street
Rhode Island

19 May 1943

Hello, “Gang”,

I received your delayed “Christmas” package which arrived in good condition. Due to my constant changing of stations and addresses, the package did not arrive until early in March, but it sure was a welcome surprise.

I’m no longer stationed in merry old England, but am at the present time in North Africa where I have been for over six months. Arriving here early during the Allied invasion of this continent, and by traveling a great deal in this theater of operations, I have been able to see much of North Africa, probably, much more than the average American soldier here does.

It was just about a year ago that I visited the Bryant campus, and then, it never occurred to me that a year later I would be a six-month’s old native of Northern Africa. As yet, in my travels overseas, I haven’t met any of my former classmates. So, I was wondering if there was any way that you generous folks have, in supplying addresses to soldiers overseas. If so, I would appreciate the address of the following alumni ; Russell Aliczi, Alfred Angelone, Carlo Conte, Leo Delaney, Raymond Marshall, William McGrath, Harry Melkonian, Bertrand Pinnsonnault, William Risso, and Douglas Ward. Nearly all of the above mentioned fellows are graduates of the class of 1940 (August). I realize that you may not have all these address[es], but any that you may send to me will be deeply appreciated.

I wish it were possible for me to write a much more interesting letter than this, but between the censor (and his strict censorship rules) and myself, it just can’t be done over here. Please give my sincerest regards to the “Old Men” of Bryant; Professors Gulski, Shors, Lee, Naylor, Appleby, Vinal, Mercer and Ripley. Well, here’s looking forward to writing you all from Berlin.

Sgt. Stadnicki [Transcription ends]