Marion Stanwood


[Transcription begins]
2 Gilbert Street
Providence, Rhode Island
January 25, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

My dear Miss Blaney:

It was just lovely of the Bryant Service Club to send Albert a Christmas package. I question the address. We have been writing to Lt. Albert Stanwood, 0—420657; 19th Bomb. Sq.; 22nd Bomb. Gr.; A. P. O. 922; San Francisco, California. Letters reach him at that address in about three or four weeks. Yesterday I received one from him written on January 3rd. He said that he has not received any Christmas packages as yet because such deliveries are confused just now, but expects that they will “come through” soon. Your package makes five that I know of that were sent to him, and apparently none have arrived yet. Ours too was insured.

The package which we sent last Christmas never did arrive, so I am none too optimistic. However, they may get there and at least he knows that we have tried. We told him that you had sent one and he has received that letter.

We received some snap shots in his last letter showing that they are in a wooded area. That may account for the delay.

I shall let you know as soon as I receive any news of the packages. His letters arrive about once a month.

In the meantime, do write to him once in a while. Thank you so much for your kindness and interest. It means a lot to the boys.

Sincerely yours,
(Mrs. Albert) Marion Stanwood
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