WWII;Albert H. Stanwood

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Capt. A. H. Stanwood
19th Bomb. Sq., 22nd Gp.
APO 503, Unit #1
December 21, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Friends,

I should like to express my thanks to you people for remembering me this Xmas. Your gift made our operations office a popular place while it lasted.

Although I had entertained high hopes of returning home this year complications, as usual, arose at the last minute.

The Providence paper arrives more or less regularly & I have been able to keep track of some of my old friends at Bryant.

Once again I should like to thank you both for myself & the rest of the men in the service.

I'm sorry that I can't say it in person, but here 'tis--Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

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