World War II; Major Henry J. Lee;Lieutenant William F. Shors;Lieutenant F. Douglas Hammond

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March 28, 1942 [This letter was inadvertently dated 1942 rather than 1943]

Dear Bryant Service Club,

I received your letter and cigarettes two days ago. Once again I thank you now for your kind consideration.

My heartiest congratulations to Major Henry J. Lee, Lieutenant William F. Shors, and Lieutenant F. Douglas Hammond.

From your letter it really sounds as though Bryant has changes. If (?) every thing goes as has been planned, I hope to pay you a visit about the last of April or the first of May. After, of course, visiting at home.

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote to you. The biggest was that on March 6 I graduated and won my commission and wings. After that I had a five day delay in route to travel ninety miles. By no means of hook or crook could I get home and back in time. Seems as though you need a priority to ride in an airplane, commercial and army cargo. Very nice for those who have business with Washington but not us.

The weather out here? It is hot! Went swimming this afternoon. Water in the desert? Yes, they have a swimming pool in town. Either that or you can plug all the chains in the shower room, and let the showers run for a while.

I was sent here to study and learn dead reckoning + pilotage navigation. I did okay in ground school but on my first navigation mission to Amarillo, Texas, I missed the town by 20 miles. Instructors say that’s average for the first time. However, I figure that if in Africa a person misses an oasis by 20 miles, he’s a dead duck.

In four weeks I’ll be back in civilization again on the East Coast. There’s an article in the April issue of “Reader’s Digest” named “Queen Died Proudly”. In that article there’s a phrase “about as desolate as parts of Texas + New Mexico![”] That’s where I am.

That’s about all for now.

Class of ‘42

Lt. John C. Sullivan, A.C.
c/o Student Officer’s Detachment
Carlsbad, N.M.

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