Robert B. Swain


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Blytheville, Ark.
Jan. 27, 1943

Dear Bryant College:

I received a christmas package from you and a letter some time ago but I haven’t seemed to find the time to write. They keep us busy most of the time and when night comes we feel like sleeping.

I have just been transferred from Greenville, Miss. where I completed my basic training. I’m going to receive my advanced flight training here. I’ll be flying twin engine trainers, this will complete my cadet training.

I have gotten along quite well with all my training and hope to do all-right here. I expect this will be the toughest of all previous training I have had. The way we were greeted I expect there will be a lot of discipline. It all depend[s] on how we take it how they treat us. Here they will weed out the last few that can’t take it.

We arrived here to see snow on the ground which had fallen the night before. None of us were dressed for cold weather. We had to move into cold barracks which were a very welcome sight. Tar paper low roof barracks, five rooms with a pot belly coal stove in each room. We wasted no time getting a good fire going and we like the old stove now.

I’d like to be remembered to all the College staff. I suppose a few are left that were there when I attended classes. I’m planning to see Bryant College again someday.

I’m enclosing a newspaper clipping*, from which you may get an item for the next Alumni bulletin. If convenient please return the clipping.

As Always

Bob Swain

(Clipping told of Bob’s recent engagement) [sic]
In December of 2009, the library received a copy of this newspaper clipping and it reported an engagement not marriage. The library assumes the comment, "Clipping told of Bob’s recent marriage", was written on the letter by the Bryant Service Club upon its receipt in 1943.

A/C Robert B Swain Class 43-C
Squadron D
Army Flying Base
Ark. [Transcription ends]