Lucie Swain


[Transcription begins]

A/C Robert B. Swain 43 C
Army Flying Base

R. J. Swain
Manufacturer of
Plain, Beaded and Ash Dowels
East Andover, Maine

Jan 31 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College

Dear Members:

Thank you so much for all you have done for my son Robert B. & I am so sorry he has not shown to you his appreciation.

He has evidently appreciated them as he has written me about receiving two boxes of chocolates from you. I send him cookies some times. They have plenty of food in a way but they do miss the home food and the sweets.

Robert B. has moved again just last Mon. Jan. 25 & if he has no failure in the air, landing or in his studies will receive his wings & 2nd Lieut. upon completion here. Address – above.

Again, thanking you for us & for him.
(Mrs. Robert J. Swain) Lucie Swain [Transcription ends]