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December 10, 1942

Dear friends,

My first thought as I start this letter, is, that there is a wonderful spirit prevailing a Bryant now, as always. I received your package today, thus the feeling closeness to you all up there at Bryant. I know that my classmates, and classmates of other years, now in the service, feel as I do, happy to know that the students of Bryant are carrying on and thinking of us all. My package arrived intact, although there was evidence of a hard trip. The candy was in one piece, due to the heat that all packages, and men endure when arriving here.

I hear from very many of my former classmates, and fine their letters come from most every part of the world. Evidence that Bryant men are doing their part. I received the college paper, and from it’s pages read of the happenings at Bryant. I feel that I could go back now, and make myself at home, as I did when I was an undergraduate. I like to think of the many experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant, but mostly pleasant, that I had while at Bryant. I know the faculty did everything for my own good, but sure could mention some very embarrassing moments, such as the time Mrs. Stickney caught me rolling on the floor outside of her office, with a classmate of mine, a boy who is now a Warrant officer in the navy. We were only fooling, but in a very rough manner, and I don’t think Mrs. Stickney enjoyed it very much. But Mrs. Stickney was and still is one of our favorite teachers. I have other memories of my fraternity at Bryant, Phi Sigma Nu, and the dances and parties, and not to forget, the invitation rides, and the long walks that followed.

I could go on, with this and that, but I guess you people have heard those stories, and most likely have experienced some yourselves.

I would like to tell you about the surroundings and peculiarities of this place, but censorship is something that isn’t to be fooled with, so all that will have to remain a secret.

I want to thank you all again, and hope to be back in Providence in the not to distant future. I have a very good ideal that it may be during the first few months of 1943.

I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and perfect marks for the New Year.

As ever,

Leonard Sweeney

Sgt. Leonard E. Sweeney, 31056623
Hdqs. Co., A.P.O. 834
New Orleans, Louisiana [Transcription ends]