World War II

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April 23, 1943.

Hello Gang:

Sorry I didn’t get down to see you all before I left, but you know how divided my time was???? However after a hard and tiresome trip to Norfolk, I was immediately transferred on ship. This being the first I’ve been aboard makes me ignorant as old hell about it, however I’m learning.

Say, has any of you, received any word from Tony or George, if so send both [of] their address[es] to me ~ will you??? Incidentally how about Rocky’s???

Their really isn’t much I can say except that I like my work very much (office) and am in the pink of condition. Say is the Frat having a banquet this year? If so let me know and maybe I’ll get around to it ~ boy we certainly had a swell time last year and I sure would hate to miss this one. But hell there really isn’t much I can do about it but remember have a drink on me ha-ha. i.e. if I[‘m] not there otherwise I’ll drink my own. ha-ha.

Well fellows that’s all for one night hoping to hear from you soon I remain as ever

Your pal
Salvatore Tirocchi