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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Mon. Dec. 21

12.45 AM

Dear Folks,

I have a few minutes to start this but I don’t know how long.

This past week has been similar to the others without much of interest. I went to two shows – Mae West in something or other – not very good - & Coney Island again.

We didn’t win any ribbons at parade this week either; in fact, we all felt we did much better the week before.

Did I tell you that there is no chance of going to Officers’ Candidate School for months & months? There isn’t going to be another class until March and there is a long waiting list, so don’t expect me to get to be an officer will you.

We found out this week that one of the women in our barracks is a former editor of one of the sections of McCall’s Magazine. They were taking


pictures of her and of our company for an article on her Army Life which will appear in about the April issue of McCall. Her name is Kathleen Robertson and she is about 45 I imagine. She seems very nice.

We are planning a Christmas Party for Friday evening and are going to have Christmas Trees (cedars!) on each floor of the barracks.

----------------------------------going to have a meeting. Will finish this later----------------------------------------

Wed Dec 22 10.30 PM

Monday night when I expected to finish this letter, practically everyone in the barracks had to wash windows and were confined to the barracks for the evening because our daily inspection was so bad. Everything which is wrong is listed on a Delinquency Report and is called a gig. If there is dust on your bed, you get a gig. If your clothes are hung wrong, you get a gig. In fact, they can think of all sorts of things to give you gigs for.


I didn’t happen to have any gig Monday so I could go out. So I went to the WACSTORIA which has a branch of the PX and got ice creams for the girls who couldn’t go out –

Last night some of us went up to the South Post Hospital to see one of the girls who got hurt in the basketball game last week. She is back in barracks today –

Today we had our first class in the use of the Gas Mask. It’s lots of fun. We had a retreat parade on the drill field this afternoon. We did much better than we did last Saturday.

Tonight I went to the chapel for choir rehearsal for next Sunday which is our Company Sunday for church. Then some of us went up to the WACSTORIA (which is a recreation building) and studied for our weekly tests and then practiced songs for our Company Xmas party Friday evening.

Will write again later. Lights are going out

Loads of Love


[Transcription ends]