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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead of Holman Hotel, Athens, Georgia

19 Feb 1945

Mon 7.30 PM

Dear Folks,

I am sitting in a top floor corner room here in Athens. We got here yesterday about 4 o’clock, - We have slept most of the time! After we ate supper and walked around some of the University Campus we went back to the room intending to rest and go out again but instead got so sleepy we went to bed about 8 and didn’t get up until 10.30 this morning. This afternoon we rode busses all around town. It is a very pretty small city with many beautiful homes. The University Campus is


a long narrow affair and so broken up that it didn’t seem to us particularly attractive although it has some very nice buildings. Perhaps when the leaves and flowers are out it would look better.

The sorority houses are quite a distance from the campus and are large good looking houses. The Tri-Delt was particularly attractive from the outside and I didn’t try to go inside as it seemed too much bother to get off the bus, etc.

We are going back to Macon tomorrow to be there for the parade & all the excitement connected with the Movie Stars, Dennis Morgan, Alan Hale &


Janice Paige. We plan to sleep out at the barracks tomorrow night but we have Wednesday off from work and will probably go to Macon again.

Saturday night I went to a basketball party out at the YW Camp. We had a bus and there were 14 of us to go from Wheeler. What a ride! I don’t know now why that bus didn’t land in a ditch somewhere. It was raining very very hard and the Camp as you would expect is on a regular camp road – narrow and muddy


very very slippery and hilly. I thought we’d never make one hill which we went up by mistake. The wheels just spun & spun as they do in a bad snow drift and then after we finally reached the top, we found we’d missed the Y turn and we had to turn around and go back down which was just about as bad.

But we did get there OK and had a very nice party. There were about 20 Macon girls and about 10 civilian men and those with our 9 WACs & 5 soldiers made a good crowd. We had hot dogs and salad & ice cream. Then played games. It was lots of fun. We were warm enough sitting there in that room which had


only screens for sides even though it was only the 17 Feb. It didn’t seem possible. It has turned somewhat cold again and I doubt if we would be comfortable tonight.

In my last letter I forgot to mention the most important event of the week! We had a WAC wedding at Chapel no. 1 last Tuesday evening. It was quite an event, Patricia Flynn was the bride – She wore white instead of her uniform and Sgt Ryan her maid of honor had a beautiful pink gown. The four bridesmaids wore their WAC date dresses. It was a Catholic Wedding and very long, but nice.

Pat had just got out of the hospital


where she had been for about three weeks and looked pretty pale and weak, but they had had to put the wedding off once while she was in the hospital and I guess she didn’t want to wait any longer.

She married a very nice boy whom she has gone with for at least a year. I believe they met almost the first night she arrived in Wheeler. She took him to her folks on her last furlough. So we feel she did things the right way. She is from a ranch in Arizona but is much quieter than her background and Irish inheritance would indicate.

We’ve seen all the movies that are playing here so we’re going to bed early again tonight.



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