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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Thurs 22 Feb 45

Dear Folks,

I received your so nice birthday package this noon. Thanks so much for everything. The pyjamas are such a pretty shade and I need then very much. The maple sugar was very much appreciated both in the barracks & in the office. I had all I wanted myself as well as enough to pass around. And the picture, Mother, was such a nice thought. I have wished several times that I had brought it back. Thanks so much.

Of course, young Warren was the really best birthday gift. Wasn’t it quite some coincidence to have him born on the fifteenth? - Isn’t Warren a nice name with Trickey? I like it.

I had a nice letter from Aunt Ruth this week and a long one from Marian Davis Cooper. I don’t know when I’ve heard from her – not since I was out to see her so many years ago I guess.

This has been quite a week so far. – 3 days off. Marj & I got back from Athens Tuesday noon and went to the movies – we saw Gary Cooper & Merle Oberon in The Cowboy & the Lady – very cute & funny – Then we went to a flower show where there were entered about 200 camellias. Very, very pretty. Disappointing because of no fragance – but beautiful to see. – Ranged from white to dark red with all shades & combinations in between –

It rained so the parade for Premiere was postponed until Wed but there was a crowd in town and it was interesting to see the people. – We went to the USO and read for a while – Then met some other WACs & went to dinner with them – In the evening Marj and I went to see “The Flying Tigers” – a good picture of the Volunteer Air Men in China. We went back to camp to sleep and I didn’t get up until 10 AM Wed. Then Marj & I ate early chow and went to Macon again!! – We went shopping first and I bought a cute blue (jacket?) for Warren and mailed it. Then we went to the USO and read until time for the parade at 3.30. What a mob!! It was very exciting but I really didn’t see much of the parade as I was in about the eighth row on the side of the street. Fun though! The Teen-agers were just about wild. Everytime Dennis Morgan came in view they all screeched and yelled as if he were Frank Sinatra!! And all of them were trying to get his autograph, of course.

The parade was quite long with 2 army bands. – the high school band & the boy scout drum & bugle corps.

The high school ROTC marched – as well as a group from the Georgia Military Academy – the Georgia State Guard, a group of Station Complement WACs from Wheeler – and there were several floats – and also some groups of Chinese boys & girls. –

We went to the movies again and saw Jack Oakie in “Bowery to Broadway” – good for a musical comedy. –

In the evening we were lucky enough to get in a front row to see the stars enter the theater and that was interesting. We had a particularly good sight of Colonel Scott and of our own new general General Hearn whom we hadn’t seen before. There was a band outside the theater and much excitement. All in all a very interesting and different day.

Today I’ve been back at work but it is not very busy and we have at last caught up on all our back work and I feel perfectly OK to write a letter – There really wasn’t anything else to do!!!

It’s time to go home to supper now –

Love to all and thanks again for the presents


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