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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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28 Feb 45

10.45 AM.

Dear Folks,

It is a warm rainy day here. How is it at home? We have had a spell of really warm weather which has been so good. We are having quite a lot of rain too but haven’t had any long continuous rain merely showers for the past two or three weeks. We’re beginning to think about going into summer uniforms!! There are many bushes in flower now and rumor has it that this coming Sunday will be the height of the peach blossoms. We are rather planning on an auto trip again if it is.

Saturday, Marj & I went to town and went to see “God is my Co-Pilot” (held over from the premiere at regular prices) It is worth seeing I think. It unfortunately doesn’t show much of Macon -only a view of the newspaper building. – and actually there are no trees on the other side of the street from that building as there were in the picture. The building, however, is a good reproduction of the original if you’d like to see one building in Macon!

I didn’t get up until noon Sunday and slept again in the afternoon but did get dressed and go to the movies in the evening. We went to see Paul Muni and Merle Oberon in “A Song to Remember” It is the story of Chopin and has [the] most gorgeous piano music all through it. I really intended to see it again but probably won’t until it comes back to Macon. Paul Muni does a magnificent job of acting also.

Stayed in Monday evening & read and last night I started going to glee club again. I had been so busy at the office until recently that I had not felt like singing in the evenings! But now that the work is easier, I expect to go again and enjoy it. Tonight we are going to try to get tickets for the community concert – with Robert Weede, Baritone. I don’t know whether or not we’ll succeed.

Dot I’m glad you got the package all right and hope all the things fit. Tell Bobby that was a nice letter he sent. I’m sorry to hear about Pearl & Alfred. – I hope it blows over soon – with 2 kids they certainly should make every effort to adjust themselves.

I haven’t played tennis for quite a while as the court has been too wet nearly all the time lately. Hope it drys (sic) off soon.

Must stop now,



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