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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sun 10 PM

Apr 22 [1945]


Dear Folks,

This has been the darndest week. I just haven’t been able to get in the mood to write. Sorry – hope you haven’t worried too much .

A new War Dept Circular came out telling us what to do with 201 files so we’ve been checking that darn stuff again. Then it has been decided that the Adjutant’s Section will move to a different building and that the Decimal Files


and Officers files would move but the Enlisted 201 Files would stay. The best looking file cases were to go so we spent one whole morning changing things all around so as to get the stuff that was to go in the right file cabinets.

Then Major Tuttle decided that Minnie would stay with the Enlisted 201s instead of moving with me and that’s bad for both of us. It’s been one thing


right after another the past two weeks. I’ve worked nights some and all day today and will be very busy for the 3 or 4 weeks till we are straightened out again so please forgive me if I don’t write as often as usual.

I had a nice week-end last week – Marj and Iris Cook and I went to Perry. We had swell meals and a nice rest. We stopped at Warner Robbins (sic) for their retreat parade and memorial service for


President Roosevelt. It was very very hot and they had those taking part in the parade out on that hot field for over two hrs. Two ambulances were kept busy all the time! They said there were 3 WACs, 1-WAC Officers (sic) and 25 of the men who fainted from the heat: of course, that wasn’t a very big propos[i]tion, however.

It was the first time I had been inside the gates at Warner Robins. We went to their Service Club which seemed slightly larger and much more convenient and attractive than ours.

We didn’t like the situation of the WAC Barracks which were built just like ours except for wooden floors instead of cement.


They were right on one of the main thoroughfares so that the girls cannot enjoy the privacy which we have in our Area.

I have been to two shows and have been in town once this week with Olga Drake. One show “The Flame of the Barbary Coast” was punk; the other, “The Enchanted Cottage” was very good though very sad.

Last night we went to #3 Chapel for Sgt Rowana Bell’s Wedding. She is Wing Sgt in the barracks I was in with Crockett. It was a very pretty wedding. She had a beautiful white gown with a very long train. Sgt Ryan was her maid of honor and wore an attractive long pink dress. The Bridesmaids wore their tropical worsted GI suits, but carried lovely bouquets of flowers.


I got your parcel today – Thanks –

I got homesick when you mentioned sending things over to camp!!

Must stop now and get some sleep – Love


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