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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sat 12 May 1945

7.10 AM.

Dear Folks,

I’m snatching a few minutes from work to write you a note. Mother, how did you ever catch German measles? I can imagine Dot or Bobby or even Dad maybe catching them – but not you. I hope you were not too sick with them and that you are all well again by the time this reaches you.

I am sending home a package by Railway Express as I have some old letters, souvenirs, as well as some things for you. It will come COD as that is the only way they’ll take it, so I am enclosing $5.00. Use as you need it.

We are caught up again at the office so I haven’t had to work so many nights this week. I worked Tuesday night for a little while, then went to the movies. Monday we had Glee Club practice. – Wednesday night I was CQ at the Orderly Room which gave me a nice long evening (from 5.20 to 1.00 PM)[1.00 AM ?] to make out my barracks duty roster and to darn stockings. Remember, I had 12 prs at Xmas. I haven’t any of those left which are not darned. I had to buy 3 pairs this week. We don’t get any more GI’s until July.

Thursday Marj & I went to Macon as I had to get my watch from the jewelers – I took it in 8 weeks ago to get it cleaned. I’ve been lost without it.

Last night we drilled and then had glee club practice again.

This week-end Marj & I had planned to go to Atlanta as we have this afternoon off, but yesterday we found out that we have to attend a movie this afternoon until about 1.30 which means we can’t get the noon train after all. We don’t know just what we will do now. We’ll go somewhere however. I stayed in the barracks last Saturday night and didn’t get to sleep until 3.00 AM and woke up at 7. That is too little for the one night in the week when we can sleep in the morning.

This next two weeks will be busy. Monday is the Third Anniversary of the WAC. The General and his family are coming to dinner at the Mess Hall. He will speak to us and there will be a birthday cake. There will be reporters visiting our offices during the afternoon. We get off work at 3.30 and go back to the barracks to dress for a retreat parade. This will be the first time we have paraded since we’ve been here. There is to be a dance at the Service Club in the evening also. The glee club is rehearsing Monday evening before the dance!

Thursday the glee club goes to Cochran Field for a rehearsal in the afternoon and a performance in the evening. Sunday the same show is given at the Camp Wheeler Gym, Monday at the Grand Theater in Macon & Thursday at Robins Field.

In the midst of all this extra curricula[r] activity, our office is moving to another building, which means extra work and confusion.

It is still too cold here to go swimming and we have had a fire at the office every day this week. I read that you had a big snow storm up there yesterday.

The weatherman has got mixed up hasn’t he?

Must stop now or I’ll not get done to even get off this afternoon.

Love to all


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