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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Dec. 29, 1943

8.30 PM

Dear Folks,

Haven’t time to write much as I still have to wash some and iron 4 shirts, 2 ties, & 2 skirts!

We are all busy tonight marking our big barracks bags preparatory to packing them for moving this week-end. We don’t know where we’re going but our orders are mostly in and most of us (we don’t know yet which ones) will be leaving Saturday for somewheres. We’re all excited wondering if any of us will be together, and whether we’re going to school or to work.

You’d better not write again until you here (sic) from me again, which will be soon I hope.

I am enclosing $10 towards my watch.

I don’t think I emphasized enough how much we all liked your cookies. I got a package of Pine Tree Taffy from Miriam and a nice bill fold from Aunt Grace, and a Diary from Beverly which I shall enjoy very much.

The say they are mailing our suitcases with our civilian clothes tomorrow so you may get it sometime. Let me know when you do get it & I’ll tell you whether I want it back. I can’t remember what I’ve written you so will you please ask lots of questions for me to answer.

Loads & Loads of Love

Kay –

[Transcription ends]