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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Wed Noon

6 Jun 45

Dear Folks,

I wrote a nice long letter Sunday and lost it before I got it into an envelope to mail!! I hope you won’t be worried about the length of time that has elapsed since last I wrote but probably you have been as I know I should be if you waited this long to write.!

I got your letters yesterday & the day before, Mother & Dad. I don’t know what to say about my furlough; I still haven’t anyone to understudy me as the girl who had started to study it got shipped this week and no new replacements have come in yet. There are some girls coming tonight and I understand that someone of them will be assigned to me. If and when I can teach her enough to carry on the files for the two weeks I’m gone, I can have a furlough if nothing else comes up. So you can see it’s still indefinite. When I wrote before, it seemed fairly certain that I would have it early, now I don’t know.

The play we went to the evening I wrote you before, was exceptionally good; the best one the Little Theater is [has] put on this year. Th[e] cast was good and the play was very clever. “Over 21” was the name of it, and as it was about an Officer Candidate we probably enjoyed it more than civilians did.

The glee club was given a very nice chicken dinner at Fay’s Restaurant (Night Club) last week which I enjoyed very much. The girls behaved well and it was just a nice party.

I have seen s[e]veral good movies this week and last. “Where Do we Go from here” with Fred MacMurray and Joan Leslie; “That’s the Spirit” with Jack Oakie and Peggy Ryan; and “Wonder Man” with Danny Kaye. Queer but all of them were of the fantastic type, with either people who came back after death or in the first one people who went back in time.

Sunday I spent part of the day helping Cook take C.Q. in the orderly room; then I played tennis, went swimming and boating. a Very nice day.

This week we are moving again. The WACs who work in the hospital have moved over to barracks there leaving three wings of the Station Comp barracks empty so we are moving part of our girls there so that we will not have double bunks any more. Of course, I’m not moving as I have to stay as wing sergeant where I am, but it will mean that there will only be 20 of us in the wing instead of 36. I believe that it will be easier and more congenial with the smaller crowd. It will be messy until it’s done however.

We are getting used to our new office and except for the lack of desk space and lack of help, I think it is much better to be at Hdqs where it’s busy than down there where we were. It makes it seem as if we belong to a real live organization instead of a dead file unit.

I’m hoping to go to Perry for this week-end if all goes well. I need sleep again!



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