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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sat Jun 22 [1945]

2.30 PM

Dear Folks,

I am beginning to get very excited about coming home – 2 weeks from tonight I’ll be there. – I’m glad you think it will be all right to go straight to Camp and I do hope someone will be nice enough to swap with Dad so he’ll be there with us. It won’t be right without him, I know.

I have the afternoon off and am in the beauty parlor right now. Later I shall wash & iron and then go to Macon to do some shopping.

I sent a box home today which you’d better unpack when it comes. I’m afraid it will be necessary to iron my shirt, dress & slack suit even though they’ll get a little wrinkled again taking them to camp as they will be a mess by the time they get to Lewiston I know.

There are some puzzles and pictures for Camp. – and my underclothes, etc will need to go, but the cigarettes, candy & cookies


are for you folks.

Dot, that pair of white panties is too small for me. Can you use it?

I haven’t done much this week, except go to a couple shows. We saw “3 is a family” which is a very funny story of a war time family – with the daughter coming home with her twins & the daughter-in-law having her baby in the house because the hospital was full – very very humorous situations with Charlie Ruggles as main character.

The[n] we saw “Thrill of a Romance” with an operatic baratone (sic) who was very good and Van Johnson for love interest.

Mon – 1 PM –

Ran out of ink at the beauty parlor! Marj & I went to Macon later Sat PM. I got my watch from the jeweler and


my shoes from the repair shop – (Getting all fixed up to come home!)

Yesterday Marj & I had two men from Maine over to dinner – One was named Leonard – He was a 4-H worker in Oxford County – and had been in the Bangor office for a time also. He knew ever so many people that Marj knew in Caribou and many of the Maine girls who were in that work. The other was a man named Haavisto from South Paris who was also very nice. We asked two Brewer boys – Allan Naugler & Liston Houston – but they were on duty.

Last evening Drake & I went to town to see the tennis finals in Macon. A very good girls match –

I got your letter yesterday saying that Dad couldn’t change his vacation.


I am, of course, very very disappointed but believe I still will come then. I just have a feeling I ought to take it when I can get it. No reason for the feeling, just general army uncertainty. I can, however, get home Friday night just as well by visiting Phil afterwards instead of before. – So – I’ll be in on that Friday train, and if your [you’re] not there I’ll go to the Y for the night. –

Aren’t those good pictures of the children? Bobby still has that very sad expression, doesn’t he?

It is really sad about Aunt Jessie. Even I’ll miss her and I shall miss knowing that she is [not] there in the winter when you might need her.


Only – 11 days till I see you all



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