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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sun AM Jul 29 [1945]

Dear Folks,

I am CQ at the office this morning and it isn’t busy so I am going to take time to write a few letters.

Wasn’t it nice that Lawrence really got over here? Ruby must be excited and relieved. I presume you are at Camp by now. Wish I were there too! I hope Dad can go out to Phil’s for a day or two or longer as I know they would enjoy it as well as he. The youngsters are so nice right now too bad you both can’t see them.

Last night and the night before I stayed in the barracks – washed etc and read. – quite a record for me two nights in a row in the barracks! - Drake has moved out into the squad room to be nearer the girls. (She got too afraid of mice while I was gone!) – I don’t mind and only hope I’ll not have to have anyone else with me. It’s fun to have a room alone again. I have two wall lockers and two foot lockers now so have plenty of room for my clothes.

Mon PM

Did I say it wasn’t busy Sunday AM? I didn’t have but just the five minutes I used on the above! I slept, read & ironed in the afternoon and went to see “Anchors Aweigh” in the evening. It is long but I enjoyed it very much and hope to see it when it comes to Macon where I can have an upholstered seat so I can really enjoy it even more –

Tonight I went to Library – after all this time they’ve finally got a bus that runs by there. I shall enjoy it very much believe me.

I met a Bangor Boy – Jimmy Bradbury – there tonight – He has been here about 4 weeks. He’s expecting to bring his wife & daughter down as soon as he can find an apartment. She was an Ellsworth girl.

I’m going to try this airmail to Hampden

Much love to all


PS – Kiss Bobby J a good night for me and tell him I’ll be home again sometime –

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