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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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V-J Day

14 Aug 45

11.30 PM

Dear Folks,

This is certainly one great day. It doesn’t seem possible that it is true. –

I was in the movies in Macon when the President’s announcement came tonight. I was alone and although I had just gone in – the movie no longer interested me! I took the first bus back to camp. Macon was beginning to be noisy when I left it . People were standing in front of the stores under the awnings (It was raining hard!) – And all the cars & buses were blowing their horns.

About halfway back to Camp the sun came out and there was a gorgeous rainbow which seemed so fitting.

The trainees were marching back to camp and they were singing –

At the detachment it was quiet. Many of the girls had gone out, and those left were listening to the radios.

About 9 o’clock, Lt Kennedy came around and invited us all to raid the mess hall for an impromptu snack. Some of us went down and brought back sandwiches etc for a barracks picnic and we’ve been enjoying ourselves ever since!

I just wish it meant we’d be going home soon – but I’m afraid it will be Easter at least before we’re through. – There are many, many to be discharged and someone is going to have to do the paper work – I expect we’re the ones who are going to do it.

Of course, the war is over for the civilians – not for the armed forces! All the broadcasts tonight kept emphasizing – 2 day holiday for whom – the civilians, Military personnel report for work as usual!!! Who won this war, anyway –

We will have a big big parade and review soon. That will be all the time off we’ll get I imagine!! Oh well, we should worry, so long as it’s over.

It has been hard the last few days while we waited for the final word. – Today I took one of the girl’s radio to the office and we listened all day – I can’t even remember when I wrote last! I hope it wasn’t too long ago.

Boy – I wish I were leaving for home tonight – We all do. – as you can well imagine. I expect there will be many boys who will do so. I don’t envy the AWOL Section for the next few weeks!

Much love to all of you


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