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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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17 Aug 45

Fri AM 8.30

Dear Folks,

Have you had an exciting and pleasant time since peace was declared? How does it seem not to have gas rationing? Does that mean that there is any gas to buy up there? If so, take whatever trips you can. Be sure to go out to see Beverley if she is still there, if not ride as far as Casco just for the ride; it is beautiful. You’ll have to explore so as to know what to show me when I get home. By the way, don’t make plans about my being home right away! The army hasn’t yet admitted that peace has come! We’ve not had our V-J Day celebrations and won’t until that treaty is actually signed. Everthing here is just as usual. Only the civilians celebrated. The Army worked as usual. It’s a good feeling just the same!!

Naturally we are wondering what it will all mean to us. Whether we will be here much longer; whether this will be kept as a Training Center; whether if it is we will be kept here; whether if it is not a training center, it will be a separation center and we’ll be kept here; or whether it will be closed and we’ll all be shipped somewhere into some other branch of the service. I don’t expect they’ll release us very quick.. I’m still hoping it will be by Easter, but of course that is very optomistic (sic) It can just as easily run into one or two years depending on what job I get after this training camp is finally closed. (1)

We have at last got all the back filing in the office finished and there are four of us here. So now we don’t have enough to do . Here it is 8.30 AM and all the papers which came in yesterday and this morning are filed!!

Marjorie took me to the BPW Picnic out at Portersfield ( that lovely estate where the WACs had their picnic last year). We had a very nice time. I went swimming in the pool which was very cold and clear and made me feel so swell. We had nice sandwiches and punch and cake. I met some interesting people, several school teachers; and enjoyed myself. The ages ranges (sic) from about 25 to 75 as usual in those clubs. – majority being over fifty I should say.

I was C.Q. at the orderly room last night and so am sleepy this morning. I went to bed at 12.30 and got up at 4.30. That’s really not enough sleep!

McGonigle is back from Robins Field hospital. It seems good to have her with us again. Also good not to feel that I ought to be going over to see her.

It doesn’t seem as if Craig would have to go back over now, and also as if he might get discharged within a few months.

Well, I must stop now. Let me hear all the news. I’ll do the same for you.

Love to all. Kiss Bobby for me. I’d like to see him right now! I’d like to see all

of you by the way not just Bobby!


Did Dad have a nice visit at Phil’s? Don’t you think, Dad, those youngsters are pretty swell? (2)

Her letters were probably passed around among the members of her family.

(1) Someone had written on the side of the letter “I think she has covered every possible angle don’t you?

(2) After her question to her Dad, someone had written “He certainly did!”

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