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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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2.00 P.M. Wed

22 Aug 45

Dear Folks,

Another quiet afternoon in the office with all the filing done and a chance to write letters for a change.

No news here as to our fate. Ever[y]thing goes on as usual.

Nothing much since Monday night when I wrote you. I did get the package of clothes O.K., Mother and sent home a box of cigarettes and your shirt. I went to see James Stewart in “Jimmy Steps Out” It was very entertaining and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yesterday I had the afternoon off so had my hair done; then went to town with Mary McDonnell. We shopped for a while then took a bus ride out to a section call Ingleside. We got off at the end of the line and walked across to the Vineville bus line, a distance of not more than half a mile. The houses and landscaping are exceptionally pretty out through there and it made a very enjoyable walk. Mary ate supper with me at the S & S Cafeteria but she went back to camp as she had seen the movie which I wished to see. I took another short bus ride and then went to the Mason Recreation Center and read for about an hour so as to get to the movie at the beginning rather than in the middle. I saw Greer Carson in “Valley of Decision”. It is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I enjoy her acting anyway but the rest of the cast was good also and the script was clever.

Tonight I expect to go swimming and later this week there is a Deanna Durbin picture Lady on a Train which I wish to see. It’s keeping me rather busy this week just getting in all the shows. Isn’t it queer how all the good ones seem to come the same week and the maybe there will be a week or two without anything worth seeing.

Will keep you in touch with the news, here.



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