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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Mon. 8 Oct 1945

Dear Folks,

It is quiet in the office this morning partly due to the fact that there is plenty of help again. I have two new girls to break in – Ida Copley who has been with me about 2 weeks and – Lenhart who has been here about 2 days. It is confusing teaching them but we can get the work done now. – It is good to be up-to-date again.

We are in the process of changes, bosses again, Capt Smith has transferred to the Officers Section and we will have a Major Huen as boss, I believe, when he arrives. So I’m not doing much in the way of getting ready to pack the stuff up for storage until I find out how he wants to do it – Every officer has such individual ideas always.

Marjorie Crockett made Staff Sergeant Saturday which made me very happy – She has always been so conscious of the fact that she was lower rank than I. She has a new job which she likes and is very pleased to get the rating before she leaves the WAC. It makes her feel that her work was at last appreciated.

She plans now to get out when I do and we’ll spend a few days perhaps in New York together on the way home. – We’d both like to see a little more of the country before going back to Maine!!! If only it were spring or summer, we’d try for a trip to California on furlough rates – but December doesn’t seem a very good time to make a long trip like that.

I have seen two good pictures this week-end – Sat night – we went to see “The House on 92nd Street” - It is an FBI picture which is authentic and very worth seeing. It showed the file room at the FBI. – Sure hope I never have to work there!!!

Last night we saw Pat O’Brien & Ellen Drew in “Man Alive” – which was a crazy comedy that the title gives no idea about. It was so crazy but very funny situations.

Marj and I took blankets and went out in the woods and stayed all yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect – the bugs have gone and it was really comfortable.

My sunburn is all over thank goodness. It was pretty uncomfortable for about a week.

Time for dinner



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