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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Mon Jan 3

7.30 PM.

Co. 2 Staging Battalion

Brd WAC Training Center

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Dear Folks:

As you can see I have a new address. I moved over to the East Post to the Staging Battalion Saturday with many of my company. We are awaiting Transportation Orders to somewhere. This is a temporary address. We do not , of course, know when we shall leave or where we are going. I shall, of course, let you know my new address as soon as I can do so.

I can’t write very well tonight as I am quite tired and I’m lying on my bunk. I have a lower tonight for a change. I have been on a work detail all day today moving beds, & mattresses. More fun!

Yesterday, however, I really rested and loafed. I didn’t get


up until 10 o’clock and went back to bed after dinner and slept and dozed all the afternoon. Went to the movies at night and got to bed by 10 o’clock.

We saw an awfully good movie – “Destination Tokyo” – the story of a submarine mission to Tokoyo. (sic) It was very thrilling & exciting and very good acting.

It doesn’t seem possible that basic training is over. We are all going different places and have been feeling pretty bad to separate. Living like this together makes it seem as if we had known each other much longer than 6 weeks. I am fortunate in that two women I like very much are scheduled to go the same


place I am (wherever that is!)

I have certainly been very fortunate so far. I have had very good officers, very good companions, not too hard details, interesting classes. If I have as much good luck when I get to my assignment, I shall consider myself very fortunate.

This new barracks is in many ways better than the other. The laundry, & latrines are in the same building. There is even a latrine on each floor so we don’t have to go outdoors after taking a shower as we did in Co. 13.

There are quite a number of Texas girls on this floor and I still can’t get used to their drawly accent.

It has rained here for days and days.


It is interesting here in the barracks. You can hear snatches of conversation and there is usually someone making some funny remark. It is really quite a jolly atmosphere. There is an accordion going downstairs. I am meeting interesting people. Am getting to know that McCall’s editor very well. Carried beds with her this morning! Call her “Kathie.” She really is nice. I like her.

We had a big picture taken of Company 13 the day we finished basic and as soon as I get them I shall send you one.

Did I tell you that Lt. Mavrico was a Tri Delt from Univ of Wisconsin?

I have received all your packages I think, the iron, the bathrobe, the cookies, Bobby’s picture, the shoeshine kit & sewing kit. I can’t remember whether I had acknowledged them all or not. I appreciated all of them.

Love to all of you.


[Transcription ends]