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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Fort Oglethorpe crossed out, Camp Wheeler written in [Transcription begins]


1 Feb 1944

Dear Folks,

I don’t have time to write letters in the office anymore so if I miss more days in between letters please understand.

Friday night I help scrub the barracks as usual, and just loafed. Sat. night some of us went to town, (Marjorie, a girl whose last name is Kerner from North Carolina, & I ) We went right from work so got in town about 5 o’clock Macon time so had two hours before the Dept Stores closed. Just wandered around. We found a very nice place to eat at a sort of roadside restaurant right in town very good food & cheap prices. Full dinner only 70¢. Had trout which was very very good. We don’t get any fresh fish, of course, at the mess hall. We really did have a good time. I sometimes think I’m enjoying myself too much when I think of you at home.

Sunday I stayed abed until noon Then after dinner Ames & Marjorie & I went to town again. We rode local busses all around town. It is a


queer combination of rather cute small houses and poor shacks , (usually Negro) More houses need paint than at home and on most of the streets it is unusual to see a two-story house. Very few apartment houses. The main business streets are very wide & the sidewalks are also very wide which is pleasant. The sidewalks are quite crowded in spite of their width as there are so many service people in town nights. At the USO Sunday night at 8.30 PM. The hostess said that 5700 had been in there since 5 o’clock the night before.

We stopped at the Camp Hospital to see some of the girls who are sick there before going in town and going down one of the long corridors we met a civilian couple whom we had met in church 2 Sundays ago. They stopped us said they had missed us the last Sunday. Marjorie said that seemed like home.

We did go again to the Presbyterian Open House Sunday evening and enjoyed it again. The church members are doing their best to give the Service People a good time.

I had intended to write last night, but some of the girls wanted to go bowling so I went along. I didn’t do very well, however; the balls are slightly bigger & heavier than at


home and they use duck pins instead of candle pins. I tried the really big balls the other night but didn’t have much success with them either.

On the way home last night we met a couple of boys who were corporals. They decided they wanted to drill us. So we agreed and they marched us home, more fun! I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed myself so much. I imagine the boys got rather a shock when we finally arrived at the Day Room and they saw what we looked like! For the first time since I got here at Camp Wheeler, I had just barely time to get in bed before bed check.

I have been receiving the papers and I surely have enjoyed them as also have Marjorie & Helen Radcliffe (also from Caribou).

I have been spending a half hour each noon in the Camp Library and have been ready (sic) a book called “The Little Locksmiths.” It is very interesting and has the best description of Castine Maine. You would enjoy it also I think. It has almost made me homesick.


The Librarian provides pecans for us every noon. A great big basket full from her home.

I received the package with the coat hangers, etc. Thanks very much for everything. I guess I’m pretty well stocked with every thing now.

By the way, if you need any money write me as I could spare you some. I never kept my pay so long in my life! I’ve tried to keep enough so I could get home & back if & when I ever get a furlough. I shan’t ask for one until June I think so that we could spend part of it at Camp. Don’t you think that would be best?

Dot, I appreciate your writing me, also, Give Bobby a kiss for me. I really miss him a lot.

I’m right in thick of Filing again. It seems very natural. At least I shall be busy from now on! I like the Officers I work for very much, and it’s interesting to know all that’s going on.

Did you get the pillow cover, & the picture I sent home?

Much love


[Transcription ends]