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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Pvt. Katherine W. Trickey



Camp Wheeler, Georgia

Tuesday, 11 January 44

Dear Folks:

How are you all? I hope my mail catches up with me pretty soon. I am fine. We have moved into our permanent barracks which are just like the ones I drew for you on a previous letter (1) but located on the other side of the mess hall. Marjorie Crockett and I have a double bunk. She has the upper and I the lower for the time being. We spent all day Sunday getting settled. It is a brand new building and had never been cleaned from the construction crew. Sawdust and sand everywhere, windows dirty etc.

Monday it was very quiet here in the office. I found some manueals (sic) to read when I wasn’t busy. I was fireman from 6 PM last night until 6 PM tonight which meant tending the fires last evening and banking them for the night. They all kept over night! I did take time out to go to the PX for a short time. I bought a felt pillow cover for Camp. I shall send it home to Mother. It is prettier than some of the others because it is felt.

We are starting a regular training schedule along with our office work now. Each morning we fall out in fatigue dresses at 6.45 for fifteen minutes of Physical Tranining Exercises. It makes it quite a rush to get ready for the office at 7.45. Tuesday evenings we are going to have 45 minutes of drill after supper and Firday (sic) evenings a class of some sort for about 45 minutes plus the usual G.I. party to get ready for Saturdays’ formal inspections.

I have an Underwood Noiseless typewriter and it really is quite noiseless. I have to look at the paper to see if the key really hit and made any mark.

By the way I did get that money bag with the zipper and was able to get a piece of white tape long enough to go around my neck so that I don not have to pin it to my clothes. I like it that way as it doesn’t bother me any. I keep my dog tags in it also so that they are not jangling. Of course it doesn’t show around the neck as we always wear a high shirt collar and even our seersucker fatigue dresses have collars alhtough (sic) not high ones. I got Aunt Grace package O.K. and I got two white handkerchiefs from Aunt Ruth.

I don’t seem to have much success with the dieting business. I get so hungry I can’t seem to help eating at mealtimes, and even between meals some one always has something to nibble on. I’ll have to try to do better however, it possible. We don’t get much exercise now as we ride to and from work in Army trucks. What a job it is to get in and out of them, too. It is almost a mile and half to the section of the camp where we work from the barracks where we live.

I think I shall see if I can take a ten minute break and go to the PX now. I haven’t had any work to do for almost two hours now. I’ll write again later.

Love to all of you.


P.S. I went to the PX and I found me a flashlight! And Batteries!

P.S.S. Got your letter when I got home tonight. Det means Detachment

(1) The sketch she drew of the barracks is in the January 6, 1944 letter.

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