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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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10.10 PM

Wed. Nov 17

Dear Folks,

To go on from my card – I got down to the Recruiting Station about 10.15 this morning and just hung around until we took the train at 12.00. We sang a lot going to Augusta. One of the lieutenants is a trained singer with a marvelous voice. We had dinner at the Old Tavern Inn at Augusta. It was punk. Then went in trucks to the State House. It was nice to see Dot, & Beverly & Phyllis. Dot can describe the ceremonies better than I can I imagine. The train ride back was very long. We didn’t reach Portland until 7.40. Sang again all the way back. The lieutenant sang some solos for us. They were swell. Ther

Had supper out on Forest Ave again. It was fair. Then went back to the recruiting office where they checked to see if our papers were complete. Finally back to the Falmouth. It is almost time for bed check. The officers come around between 10.45 & 11.00 to see that every one is in bed.

Roll call in the lobby at 6.45 tomorrow morning. Then breakfast & back to the recruiting station for another long wait until 11.25 when the train really leaves for Georgia. We have the same cars all the way. This is not to be told outside the family until afterwards, but our itinary (sic) is as follows. Leave Portland. 11.45 Arrive Boston 2.15 PM – Lunch on train Leave Boston 3.30 PM Arrive Troy N.Y. 8.45 PM Leave Troy N.Y. 9.02 PM Arrive Albany N.Y. 9.22 PM Leave Albany N.Y. 9.33 PM Arrive Cleveland O 6.35 AM Nov 19. Breakfast in station.

Leave Cleveland O. 8.05 AM Arrive Cincinnati O 2.25 PM

Lunch on train.

Leave Cincinnati O. 5.30 PM. Arrive Chattanooga, Tenn. 2.04 AM – Sleep in cars until 7. A.M. (Nov. 20)

Chattanooga, Tenn – nearest station to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Will write as I go but can’t mail anything more until I get to camp.

Love Kay.

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