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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Dear Folks,


Camp Wheeler,Georgia

Tuesday 24?or 25? Jan

I am not sure of the date but I know it 's Tuesday!

I have changed jobs . I am now back in the Filing game having been assigned to the Decimal File at the Personnel Office. It's the same old story; however, more about people here than at Dow so will be slightly more interesting I think. I'm not too keen about it but neither am I very disappointed. It is better than many of the jobs here would be for me . It is not as routine and I will have a chance to learn a great deal of Army procedure .

The officers here are very nice to work for and are friendly.There are three officers in the small one-story building and two enlisted men ( A sgt who has charge of naturalization papers and who is at present on furlough and the corporal who has charge of the files and whom I am to replace). So it is a very quiet office.

The corpoarl (sic) is a young nineteen year old boy who has done

a fairly good job in spite of the fact that he has hated every minute of it apparently. He has been conscientious about doihg it however and his files are in quite good shape .

I went to Macon Saturday night and went into a department store and some chain stores for the first time since I left home.

We didn't have much time in them as they closed at 8.00 o'clock

and we didn't get in town until past seven. I bought Bobby's birth­day present. Please let me know when it arrives. If it isn't the right size, send it back and I'll exchange it.

Sunday I slept nearly all day. I got up in time to go to dinner and played Baseball a while in the afternoon, then lay down again. In the evening, Marjorie and I went to the Service Club to hear a classical program by a pianist who is in training here.Boy could that boy play music; he was really talented . We talked awhile with two Virginia boys whom we had met the Sunday before at the Presbyterian Church in Macon, and then we went down to the Gymnasium where we heard part of a varity (sic) program of dance music and floor show which is held every Sunday Evening from 8.30 to 9.30. We said coming home that there was a great deal more to do here than there usually was at home. There is something to do or somewhere on the Camp to go amost every night so that it isn't necessary to go to Macon for a good time.

I have been dropping into the Camp Library noons as it just across the road from the building where I now work. It is a very niceplace to read and write. You can take out books for two weeks at a time as rnany as you want . However Idon't find any time to read so I haven't taken any out yet to read.

Tonight after drill I plan to go bowling with the group from the barracks.They say that there are both kinds of balls the large and the small. I've never yet tried the large balls.

I have sent home also the pillow cover for camp and a group picture of Company 13. Will you let me know if you get them. I got The News for Jan 17 last night . Will you send them often please? Tell Sis I'll do what she asked in her letter and send it to her as soon as I can.

Love to ALL


Written part of mostly typed letter from Jan. 24 or 25 [Transcription begins] Wed

The weather is much better now. It has been sunny and warm for over a week. Too hot with an overcoat. More like what we expected to find down South.

I did go bowling last night at a big building at the Camp called “The Wheel.” It has pool tables, bowling alleys, pin ball machines, shooting gallery, photo picture booth, lunch counter, novelty & souvenir counters. It was the first time I had been in it.

Have finally got an appointment for a fingerwave and also a pass to town so I can keep it.