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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler,Georgia Thurs. 20 January 1944

Dear Folks,

I have a different job this week. I am typing up lists of the men in the different companies who have to take physical examinations and typing names on the individual physical examination check lists. Just plain typing and not at all interesting-- I'm still hoping I'll be put on something more difficult eventually. I do keep busier here than on the other job however which is better.

Monday night I washed.clothes and wrote letters and read the first book I've read since I came in the Army ! We were all restricted to the barracks because the inspection had been so bad and I'm afraid it was no punishment at all. Everyone even the girls who had to give up dates seemed to have the best time hanging around getting all those odd jobs done that seem to pile up on one.

I had K.P. Tuesday so did not go to the office. It was plenty hard and I was tired when I got through at 8.30 that evening. We did have a two hour break in the afternoon and I fell on the bed and slept the whole two hours.

Yesterday we got out of work at 3.30 and went back to the barracks for a physical examination (We get one once a month) It didn't take very long and we had an hour before supper to rest. I had intended to stay in and write you last night but found that Ali Baba and the Forty Theives was showing et the Movies and I couldn't resist going to it. It was very good and colorful I enjoyed it.

We are getting more and more girls in until now we have almost two hundred instead of the forty or fifty when we came. However we don't see much of them except at mess because our barracks was full and they all are in other barracks.They are mostly Station Complement Girls so do not work in our office or go back and forth in our bus.

I had planned to go to town tonight and have my hair washed and waved but I am fire girl tonight so will have to stay home and tend them. I shall go tomorrow night because I need to badly. There is no place at the Camp yet although plans are being made for us to have a beauty parlor in a room in the same building as our day room.

By the way before l forget it, Dad, you'd better send me a registration blank for the car fairly soon so that I'll have time to sign it and get it back to you before you need it. Are you taking care of the inspections as they come all?

We're getting settled now so that it doesn't seem so new and starnge.[strange] There is plenty to do so that there isn't much time to be homesick and lonesome. We are starting bowling and basketball teams and we'll have softball also as it gets warmer.The weather is better this week.It hasn't rained at all and has been warm enough to go without a top coat in the day­time. Seems good.

I must stop now as I think I can find some work to do and I'd better do it I suppose although the boys say we haven't anywhere near enough to keep us busy through Saturday. This work is laid out by the week and the week's work is practically done now.

I got the paper you sent yesterday.Please send them often as I usually see things that you wouldn't notice or know that I would be interested in them.Thanks.

Loads of love to All .