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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

19 Feb 1944

Dear Folks,

Just a short note inclosing (sic) the weekly paper. You’ll see my name listed as being in the WAC show; however I am not in it. They printed the list of those of us who signed up saying we would be willing to take part but only part of us were needed. However I shall be there watching it of course.

I got Dot’s nice box of stationary (sic) yesterday. Thanks very much, Dot, I shall use it as I write more letters now than I ever [d]id before. I really expect to write a letter to someone every day!!

I am going to Macon tonight, perhaps even this afternoon. If I go this afternoon I shall try to get my hair done. It is pretty bad now as I am still trying to grow it out and it grows so slowly that I staill [still] can’t do anything with it. I am tempted all the time to cut it again but I hate to waste all these months. We have a beauty parlor in our day room building now but there is only one operator and she is booked for a week ahead.

We had an officer talk to us on the income tax last night and he helped us figure them up. I’ve still got over fifty dollars to pay this year and about 25 next year. I hope I get to be at least a corporal pretty soon!! I guess I’ll have to wait until nearly June at least for my furlough before I can save enough to come home on after I pay that out. I have enough for the tax all right, and will get about 37 dollars more in about ten days. I don’t have to spend very much but of course there is always some few little things and trips to Macon usually mean one or two dollars at least. I should like also to take a trip to Atlanta Georgia sometime soon if I can and see if I can find me some more shirts, there is no place in Macon to buy WAC shirts.

I must stop now and get to work. I’ll write again tomorrow or Monday, probably Monday.

Love Kay

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