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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

24 February 1944

Dear Folks,

I got your letter last night, Mother, and am answering immediately so that you may send me the stockings, vests, and pyjamas. It will save buying them. I didn’t know I had anything except the pyjamas home. As to the size, I just hoped that by the time I got any new pyjamas I would need a size at least as small as a 42!!! Goodness knows I’m really trying now. I haven’t eaten potatoe, (sic) bread, butter or des[s]ert with few exceptions since my birthday and intend to keep up the good work. We have plenty of meat and veg[e]tables and salad so that I am not at all hungry and there is no excuse for my not dieting somewhat and see if I can lose some. I have no idea how much I have gained since I came from Oglethorpe but I bet I gained back what I lost there as we have had something to eat in the barracks all the time and I have nibbled between meals badly. New leaf now however, I even refuse candy etc.

Wasn’t it swell Roger and Phil could come home together and that they are all right and that Craig’s letter came at the same time. Aunt Grace must be very happy over it. The boys are certainly getting around. Imagine seeing the Rock of Gibralter and the Bay of Naples. If only nothing happens to them, they will have experiences to reme[m]ber all their lives won’t they. My experieinees [experiences] I’m afraid will consist merely of a mind’s eye picture of white barracks and the sound of men counting One – two – three – four – Hut – two – three – four.

(All the barracks here are white double story ones like those at Dow Field except ours. Ours are green I guess I told you. They look like lumber camps up in the Maine woods! Except that ther[e] are no trees, nothing but sand and more sand. They have planted so[me] bushes and are trying to plant grass, but I’m afraid it is going to be pretty skimpy evne [even] if it grows.)

About half the barracks went to a dinner dance at the 16th Battalion last night. Those of us who stayed home raised Cain and fixed all their beds, sewed up their pyjamas, messed up their lockers etc. I felt about 18 at college again. We don’t do these things very often as most of the time we are too busy and too tired, but last night everyone home seemed to be in that sort of a mood. It was quite a riot at twelve o’clock when the girls came and found it!

I wrote Craig last week again but will try to get another letter off to him in answer to the one you sent me. I’ll send that back in my next letter in case you want it.

I do write to Phil & Mae fairly often though not as often of course as I write home. By the way what is Frank’s address, I keep seeing small things that Florence might like but I don’t know her address. I’m afraid just Southbridge would not reach them.

Must stop now. Give Bobby a kiss for me

Wish I could see him walk.

Love to all


Letter changes from typing to handwriting

As to the furlough, let’s not make too many plans yet, but I shall want to go to camp some if possible of course. I have asked for June 6-17 whether I’ll get it then is another story. That seems late but I was afraid the summer would be too long here if I didn’t break it up some and the traveling in Maine would not be particularly pretty until June. So if you can stand it, I’ll wait till then if possible.

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