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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

28 February 1944

Dear Folks,

I had a very nice time Sat. evening. Marjorie and I went to Macon, ate at the New Yorker, then did a little shopping. We thought we’d go to the movies but there was nothing we wanted to see, so we went up in the USO and stayed for over an hour. A Couple of Waves from the Storekeeper’s School at Millegeville came in and talked with us. We had a very nice visit with them. Then we went to the Macon Recreation Center which is another USO which we had not been to before. It is even better than the one we had been going to. It has a fairly large ballroom (and a dance was going on which we watched for some time), a large and comfortable lounge, a writing room, a game room, and a small canteen and store. We shall go back again when we are in town. One of the hostesses came and talked with us quite a while and of all things her name was Crockett and her husband’s folks had originally come from Maine. Naturally Marjorie was quite excited and plans to talk with the husband sometime and see if there is any family connection.

By the way, Dad, I saluted a Major the other day and he stopped and siad [said] “Do I know you?” I thought I had done something wrong! He said your name is “Trickey isn’t it?” He graduated from Bangor High in 1924 and knew you and Phil. His name is Lynch but I didn’t get his first name. He wanted to know where Phil was and inquired for you. He is the first one from Bangor I’ve met. I did meet a girl the other day who knew Bunny Callaghan & Betty Tryon in 4-H work.

Sunday Marjorie & I road (sic) in town in the Staff Car which takes the Sunday Morning Report in to the Post Office. We got in town in time for Church at the Presbyterian Church. The service is the same exactly as the Baptist. Dr. Barnes is a very good preacher. I enjoyed it and hope I can go again some Sunday. We rode out to a suburb called Vineville. It has lovely homes, seems more like a place that anyone would want to live than any other section we have been in. Many of the flowers were in bloom and were very pretty. We were too tired both of us to get out and walk around so we just rode the bus. We did get off at a drug store out there and eat [ate] a lunch. It was the best drug store we’d been in and was a change from the crowded stores downtown. We came home early and I just read and rested while Marjorie washed her clothes. She still has to work every Sunday Morning which makes it bad about going away on Sunday.

The weather is very hot this week. We are uncomfortable in our woolen suits, however the natives say that this is unseasonable weather and we’ll have plenty of cold weather still.

Marjorie said her sister had ex[c]zema very badly and finally cured it by taking the inclosed (sic) prescription. Her druggists sent for it for her, but someone in Lewsition [Lewiston] might carry it. She dissolved one tablet in a glass of water each day. Perhaps Dot might ask the Doctor about trying it. I don’t believe it could hurt her.

Must close now, Love to ALL

Dear Phil,

I have your letter stared but wil wait till yours come send it. Meantime we thought you would like these –

Love to all –



P.S. Please send my suitcase

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