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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

16 Mar 1944

Dear Folks:

The weather the last few days has been just perfect. Warm but not too hot. Gives one spring fever. We really enjoy walking back to the mess hall for dinner. I have been having early chow this week, so I am writing this at 12.30. Everyone else is at lunch and I am here alone.

Read Monday night, Tuesday night went with Marjorie over to see Calista Ames at the hospital again, last night had a birthday party at the Service Club for Marjorie. There were seven of us at supper. It was very nice. Marjorie’s sister had sent her a cake and she took that and we had ice cream with it for des[s]ert. They have very good food at the service club and reasonable prices. After supper we went to the show and saw Ginger Rogers in Lady in the Dark. Be sure to see it if you can. It is beautiful in places and very interesting all the way through. Dorothy Eduart went with us and we were interested to see her brother’s name as one of the photographers. She really gets quite thrilled to see his name on the screen and I don’t blame her.

Tonight is a basketball game between the WACs and a team of civilians from Robbins Field. I shall try to get to the library also as it is right near the gymnasium. I miss the library at noons, since we moved.

I had a nice letter from Janice and Mae this noon.

The stocking[s] and und[er] clothes help a lot. I don’t have to wash half as often. I am sending my shirts to the QM laundry but haven’t enough so but that I have to wash them once a week just the same. Moreover I frequently have to iron them over again as they come back so badly ironed. I was lucky this week all three were all right to wear—not really good but not too bad to get by with. I have used them all and unless the laundry comes tonight I shall have to iron another for tomorrow.

There doesn’t seem much to write about today. You’ll notice that I write of what I do evenings as every day as[is] the same as the day before and there just isn’t anything the[to] write about my daytime activities. I just answer the telephone, and file papers.

Loads of love to all of you.


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