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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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11 Mar 44


Camp Wheeler, Ga.

Dear Folks,

Seem to have been pretty busy this week and haven’t found time to write much. The main events of news this week seem[s] to be that Yesterday I got my Jackets!! Practically four months in the Army and I have just got a uniform. It was made to order and even then had to be altered around the armholes when it came. I now have two jackets and two skirts so that I am all set until we change to summer uniforms. My summer jacket has also been ordered I sincerely hope it arrives before we are ordere[d] to change. I feel as if I really belong now.

I have an assistant WAC to help me with the files now. I think I told you my Corporal left and I have been alone this week until yesterday. Minnie Long is her name and she is very very nice. She went on the trip last Sunday with us. It is going to be a pleasure to have her in the office. She is bright and catches on very quickly. Much quicker than either Carmen or Gussie or Bobby did at Bangor. By the way I had letters from both Carmen and Gussie this week and they said that everything there at Bangor is still undecided and nobody knows what is really going to happen to them. It is deadly dull and they are just waiting. I’m glad I got out when I did.

We are moving the office quarters today and tomorrow to another section of the camp. It will be near enough to the barracks so that we will walk back and forth and also go back for lunch at noon. This will be nice in some ways and not so nice in others. I shall miss the morning sings which we held on the bus coming to work. I shall also miss the half hour in the library each noon. It will give us more exercise however and that will be good for me I’m sure.

I went to the Movies Monday evening and saw “Nine Girls” a murder mystery in a girls soro[r]ity, rather good. Tuesday Marjorie and I went to a very very good band concert at the Service Club. They played all my favorite pi[e]ces (Part of the Nutcracker Suite was one number). We got there early and had comfortable chairs and I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything much more. Wednesday evening Marjorie and I went to the Hospital to see Calista Ames. She has been over there for nearly two weeks now. Mostly tired out I think. She has bladder trouble however which is the immediate cause of her going to the hospital.

Thursday evening, we had a basketball game in the Camp gymnasium. A team composed of WACs from Cochran Field. It was a good game and we won. It seemed good to be seeing basketball games again. The MP’s played the Medical Det. also. (bpys) [?] Last night, we had class, then drill, and then cleaned the barracks. Haven’t planned what I’ll do tonight yet. Nor tomorrow. I don’t know yet whether or not I’ll have to work; most of the girls are having to do so because of the moving. I guess I’d better wash tonight as I may not have time tomorrow. By the way, I got the package with my clothes and also my suitace. [suitcase] I’ll need it when I come home on furlough anyway. As far as I know now I’ll leave here the 6 of June. Seems a long way off but actually the time goes awfully fast.

Love to you all,


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