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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

22 Mar 44

Dear Folks,

Had intended to write yesterday but found Monday evening that I had K. P. Tuesday.

Marjorie & I went in town Saturday evening after supper and did some incidental shopping. Nothing of interest happened. We did have our pictures taken together and[in] one of these cheap places where they develop them and tint them while you wait. I’ll send one home under separate cover. It is pretty terrible as all those are. Marjorie wears glasses all the time so she doesn’t look quite natural without them anyway. The background scenery we think is quite fetching!

Sunday I read and slept all the morning, not getting up until dinner time. In the afternoon, Marjorie & I went over to the hospital to see Calista Ames. She seems to be having quite a time of it. She is discouraged because they can’t seem to find out what’s wrong and she feels just as bad as when she went in. We get plenty of exercise when we go to see her as I think it is at least half a mile and some of the girls swear it’s nearer a mile from the Main office to her ward. They say there are 13 miles of cat walks in that hospital. I’m afraid they exaggerate but there [are] certainly a number of miles, of them. Most of them covered and inclosed. (sic) Each ward is in a separate building with these long, long corriders called catwalks between them.

We planned to go [to] the movies Sunday evening but it rained so hard we stayed home and talked and read instead. One doesn’t get lonesome staying in the barracks as there is always someone around and usually several girls talking and fooling. We have two or three radios and usually one of them is going.

Monday evening we went to see “It happened Tomorrow”. See it if you can. It’s different and good. We hope to see “Cover Girl” tonight if it stops raining enough. It’s pouring right now. I received your letter of the 18th, Mother and Dot’s of the 15th with the very nice pictures. I am going to Atlanta this week-end I expect leaving Friday noon. I shall try to find Charlie & Doris if I can. You did tell me about Teddy and Stella. I’d like to see them. Maybe later I can. I think you did mention something about Ruie once before but I had forgotten. Can you give me her name and birthdate and Ruie’s address. I should like to write to her. I did find the things in the suitcase O.K. and have worn them already. I certainly am glad you renewed the News. You have no idea how much that paper gets read down here. After I read, Marjorie reads it, then it goes either to Calista Ames, or to Helen Rackliffe (from Caribou) or to a fellow named Harrington from Eastport or to some of Station Complement Girls from Maine. There is a girl name Edwards from Madison who knows Clay and Esther and also knows Anna Hannigan who used to come to camp last year; a girl named Fuller from Portland, and Lt. Flarety who was quite delighted to see the papers yesterday.

Must stop now and get to work again.

Loads of Love to all of you.


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