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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

6 April 1944

Dear Folks,

Received your letter dated April 2, this noon. You have had a busy week haven’t you. I’m glad Dot could get to Wilda’s and Phylis’s. Doesn’t Dad like it better being in the stock room? I should think he might. Is it heavy work or does he do the desk work?

We have had a busy week. Sunday I washed and ironed, then went to Macon to church. There is a staff car which goes in every Sunday morning to take in some mail and if Marjorie has to work she and I sometimes ride in it. We get there in time for church as Macon is an hour slower than we are. We had dinner at the Candlelight and then came home. I rested the rest of the day as I was very tired. Monday evening Marjorie and I went to a class on Moving Picture Projectors, learning how to run a 16mm projector. The class will last at least eight hours or four nights and it is very interesting. Monday’s class was held in our dayroom, but there were so many that we couldn’t see very well and didn’t get very much out of it. Last night we held the class down at the Photo studio and divided into small groups in different rooms and it was much better. Naturally as you can imagine I’m thrilled to get the chance to take it. They wanted some of us to do so in order to have operators if the WACs wanted any films at anytime.

Tuesday evening was the first baseball practice. Quite a number went out for it as it is a substitute for early morning P. T. !!

Tonight I’m going to town. Don’t know what else I’ll be doing this week although I hope that either Friday or Sat evening I can go to the show to see Four Jills in a Jeep, the picture they made out of the trip which Carole Landis, Kay Francis etc took through Africa.

In between all these various activities I’ve been desparately(sic) trying to find time to sew on corporal cheverons.(sic) Two on each shirt, blouse, coat, etc. I’m glad to get the extra $16 per month but the sewing is quite a job!!

I have moved again. The files are in a different building under a new officer, Major Delacroix. I don’t know whether I’m to stay here with him or whether I’m to go back to Capt Poslik. I don’[t] even know which I’d rather do. Capt Poslik told me he wanted me back that he was just loaning me. I’d not do filing but would act almost as his private secretary. If I could type better I’d like it, but even so he is grand to work for. On the other hand, Major Delacroix asked me today if I would like to be Chief Clerk for this new section he is creating which will take care of all correspondence and publications. It would be quite a responsible job for either of them. I hope they decide for me and I won’t have to decide for myself. Will know soon I expect.

The weather has been cold again this [week]. So cold we haven’t had P. T. this week yet. Much to our pleasure. Surprising what can be accomplished in the barracks during that fifteen minutes we usually have P. T. We have been notified to be ready to change to summer uniforms by the 19 April. If it doesn’t get warmer again soon, it will have to be postponed. The rain has stopped for a while any way which is a help. I am planning to go to the Easter sunrise service here on the Post and probably will go to regular church either here or in Macon. Must stop now and go to work. Minnie is on K.P. today, so I have the filing to do myself. I imagine when more of the girls get ratings we’ll have to do it again, but I hope to skip at least one turn at it. We’ll have C.Q. instead. C.Q. is Charge of Quarters and means staying in the Company Orderly Room from 6 in the evening until 6 the next morning, sleeping there, taking bed check at 12 o’clock to see that all the girls are in, scrubbing the offices, and answering the telephone etc. Haven’t had to do it yet but probably will some night next week.

Loads of Love


P.S. We asked the little negroes’ names but I have forgotten. I think each middle name was May I’m not sure.

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