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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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8 May 1944

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia letterhead

Camp Wheeler,

Dear Mother,

I received your letter today and you did address it correctly. I am so glad you have been able to stay long enough to have a real change. Don’t worry about Dot. She’s getting along all right I’m sure.

It won’t be long now. Less than a month! It really doesn’t seem possible. I hope the weather is good as I really would like to spend some time at camp as I said in my last letter. Naturally I want to have Dot & Bobbie J there too, but if its (sic) going to be too much work for you arrange things as you think best. I still believe I shall reach Bangor sometime Tuesday afternoon or evening. If we stay the rest of the week at camp, and plan to have Sunday in Lewiston, it ought to give me a chance to see everyone. I don’t know whether I’ll have to leave Monday night or Tuesday night, probably Monday in order to stay Tuesday night with Phil & Mae because I expect now to have to get back Thursday night instead of Friday.

I am writing this as I sit under the dryer at our Beauty Parlor. It is nice to have one in our Area even if the operator is not very good.

I can’t remember when I wrote last week. I guess Thursday when I was CQ. [Charge of Quarters] Friday evening I slept all the evening. Saturday afternoon Crockett & I went to Macon. We wanted to get a room and stay overnight but everyplace was full up so we had to come back to the barracks to sleep after all. We shopped all the afternoon. Marjorie had some things to buy for her neice, (sic) & I needed some socks & handkerchiefs. We saved money by eating at Woolworth’s counter and then went to a movie – Claudette Colbert in No Time for Love. Funny & entertaining. We spent the rest of the evening at one of the USOs. There was a pianist and everyone was singing. Had a nice talk with a boy from Connecticut. Got home at 12 PM.

Sunday I slept nearly all the morning getting up only in time to press my slack suit to wear for dinner. Played volley ball in the court between two of our barracks for a short while in the afternoon & then dozed as I listened to a beautiful symphony program on the radio. After supper there was a most exciting ball game. We lost by only 1 point. The WACs played a YWCA team from Macon.

I went to the show after the ballgame & saw “Between Two Worlds” which is the movie version of “Outward Bound.”

This is not the best place to write. You’ll be lucky if you can read it.

The weather has been fine for almost a week now. The foliage is making the country side much less desolate. On the way in town many of the yards are filled with flowers – roses, batchelor(sic) buttons, pansies.

We have had many bouquets of flowers in the dining hall this week as both our officers received promotions. It is now Captain Stokes & 1st Lt. Duvall. They received ever so many congratulatory bouquets.

My hair is about dry. I shall stop now,



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