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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

23 May 44

Camp Wheeler letterhead


Dear Folks,

Got your letter saying you were home again. I’m glad you had such a nice trip, Mother.

My plans have slightly changed again. I plan now to leave here Saturday June 3rd on the 12 o’clock train out of Macon getting in Washington at 9.15 AM the next morning & spending the day there, getting a train that will get in Boston in time for the Flying Yankee Monday. I’ll plan to get off at Lewiston. I believe you are right about not getting out of touch because of course, my plans may be changed at anytime. The Army is noted for changing one’s


plans! Now they say we can not start the night before our fulough is scheduled even if we are off duty. We must wait until one minute past midnight to start! Silly but rules. So I decided to start Sat instead of Monday so as to have Sunday in Wash. I don’t know exactly when I’ll have to start back but not until Monday the 12th anyway and maybe latter. (sic) I’ll still have time to stop at Phil’s overnight.

Miriam writes that Friday night will be best for them for the picnic. It is the last day of school so they can come earlier in the afternoon & have a picnic at supper time. It will be a farewell party for Beryl Phibrick also as she has resigned.


Let’s plan to get back to Lewiston so that I can see Uncle Walter & Aunt Ruth & Aunt Grace & Beverly Sunday or Monday. Of course if I stop at Lewiston going over Monday June 5th I’ll see some of them that night probably. So if you would prefer to stay at Lewiston a day or two first & I visit there first & leave from Camp for Phil’s so that you can stay at camp after I leave, it will be all right with me, ( perhaps even better I don’t know.)

The radio is going so loud its (sic) hard to think. I hope I’ve told everything necessary.


Our trip over the week-end to Alabama was very successful. We got the girl there without any mishaps although she was pretty weak. It was a 13 hr ride. We changed trains twice. We got to the hospital at 2AM got to bed at 3.45 AM. – Got up at 9.30 AM. Saw Vogel again before we left. Went to town on the bus. Met a girl from the University of Alabama who invited us to visit the campus. She showed us around. It is a beautiful campus. I fell in love with it. We only had about ¾ hours. Then we took the train back at 1.50 PM. Got back to the barracks at 12.30 AM the next morning. Quite a journey!

We had another ball game last night and won again.

Must stop now



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