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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Thurs Nov 25 ?

Pvt Katherine W. Trickey

A 100.388

Co. 13 21st Reg.

3rd WAC Training Center

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Dear Folks,

Notice the new address. We have moved into our permanent barracks for our basic training. We came over here yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day settling. I drew an upper bunk. If I don’t lose weight it won’t be the army’s fault! (--interruption The corporal came in and talked to some of us just informally – By the way I am in our day-room which is a very small room about 8 ft square with some maple furniture in it where we can sit down in the daytime & at night particularly after lights out at 9 o’clock.)

We each have a wooden trunk called a foot locker which must be arranged just so and a shelf for hats with a bar under it to hang our clothes on.

I have some of my clothes – flannel pyjamas (sic) (2 prs – blue very good looking) 2 snuggie vests, 4 snuggie panties 4 rayon panties, 4 prs cotton stockings, 4 prs rayon stockings, 2 prs ankle hose, 2 prs of shoes (I was lucky and got some that fitted! Some of the girls got even 2 sizes too large!) – 3 big white towels, 3 jersey slips all Khaki!, 2 ties, 5 shirts, a scarf, 2 fatigue dresses & panties – of brown & white sersucker (sic) – a rain coat,


a utility coat, -(Garbadine with hood) – an overcoat – 3 summer skirts – 2 winter skirts, 2 winter jackets – 2 summer jackets. – work gloves, dress gloves – a utility bag (purse) – a fatigue hat – a winter stiff hat & a summer stiff hat. – galoshes (or) rubbers, a very nice warm to of tan sweater.

Of course most of mine had to be altered so I haven’t got my skirts, jacket or coats yet.

This really is lots of fun and I’m glad I came.

Today has been a half-holiday. This morning after making beds, sweeping etc. we had a talk by the company commander Lt. Maurico. She is very nice, and made out


more forms. One of these by the way was a bond deduction which I made out with Mother as co-owner. Sometime next May, Mother will get a bond I think. Making her co-owner means that she can cash it if she needs to without my signature.

Another thing before I forget it. Perhaps it would be a good idea to open any mail that comes to me from the Bangor Base and if it is bonds keep them and tell me about it. I’ll just have to send them back if you don’t. However if they are by any chance made out with Mrs Harold A. M. Trickey instead of Mrs. Clare M Trickey send them to me and I will


cash them and by (sic) new ones made out correctly.

I received your letter and package yesterday. We didn’t get any mail while we were at the Reception Center.

Thanks very much, Mother, for the nice letter.

I do hope that Dad will get that chance to be chemist. It will relieve me a great deal if he can get something he likes. It will certainly help you if he works daytime only.

We had a big Thanksgiving dinner today. Turkey and all the fixings – dressing, peas, cranberry sauce celery, fruit cup – apple salad, pickles & olives – rolls - potatoes – gravy


pumpkin pie, cake, nuts – candy fruit – all we could eat!

I’ve got to stop now although I have much more to write.

Loads of Love to you all


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