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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Thurs 6.45 PM.

July 27, [1944]

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia letterhead

Camp Wheeler,

Dear Folks,

Your letter arrived by Air Mail OK. I am ashamed I did not have more money to send. I’ll have a payday Monday and will wire you some more. I’ve spent altogether too much this month on amusement and meals. I’m turning over a new leaf. (I hope)

I’m sitting on the floor in the big Day Room waiting for a Company Meeting to start. I haven’t any idea what it’s going to be about. Anyway we could come in our shorts and sport clothes which is cooler. It is 100 here now and really hot today.

Went to the show last night saw Eleanor Powell in “Sensations of 1945” (?) Not very good musical.

Have stayed in & rested the rest of the week for a change. Plan to iron tonight after the meeting (I washed this noon.)

I had a card from Calista Ames, the WAC who went to Lawson General Hospital. She has at last got her discharge and is on her way to California to see her sister. I’m so glad for her that she is at last after all these months out of the hospital.

It is now 9.15. (I’m sitting on the davenport in our barracks Day Room.) We had a nice WAC movie showing Induction, Reception & Training. Brought back pleasant memories of our recruit days.

I have iron[ed] 3 shirts & 2 skirts tonight. I think everything I own is clean & pressed. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything! I’m trying to fix it so I won’t have to do anything this week-end. Marjorie & I both have Saturday afternoon off as well as Sunday.

The girls in here with me look very domestic. They are sewing, 2 sewing on stripes, and one fixing the band on her tropical worsted skirt. We are listening to Major Bowes program. Another girl is standing in front of the mirrow in the front hall trying to get the hem of her off-duty dress even. (Mine hasn’t come yet!)



P.S. Money $8.00 telegraphed by Western Union Wed. noon, July 25th

$15.00 “ “ “ “ Mon. July 31

Please acknowledge in next letter.

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