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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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5.00 PM.

2 Aug 44

Dear Folks,

I’m taking time to write a letter during office hours. Hope I don’t get caught! Have worked hard all day and am going to town tonight so want to get this off in the 5.15 mail if possible.

Got your letter mailed Monday acknowledging receipt of $15 this noon. Wasn’t that quick? Seems as if lately mail has been coming thru faster.

I’m so glad Dad is liking his work. I should think it would be very interesting. I wish I had been home to have a piece of that blueberry pie. That is one thing they can’t make here worth eating.

Wasn’t it nice you could see as much of John as you did? He is good company I think.

Not much news here. I washed & ironed Tuesday night & went to the show last night. I saw “I love a Soldier.” Very definitely a G.I. show, so true to reactions, etc. Good acting.

I got issued some S/Sgt stripes at last so I’m going in town tonight & hope to get 6 pairs sewed on. It costs too much, but sure saves a lot of time and effort.

I had a nice letter from Mae yesterday. She said her Dad had had a light shock. (1) Isn’t that a shame? He had been so active. I presume it will mean his retirement.

Had a card from Aunt Grace today along with your letter.

Am enjoying the News Stories you sent. Have had time to read only one so far!!

Must stop now



(1) Possibly a slight heart attack.

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