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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga

19 August 1944

Dear Folks,

It is my Sat PM to work, but there is very little to do. I have the current filing all up-to-date as of this minute and it is too late to start any back jobs. Nothing much since I wrote Thursday night.

I wrote four letters and darned all my stockings Thursday night while I was waiting for all the girls to get in so I could go to bed. I didn’t get so very much sleep, as the last one came in at 2.00 AM and the cooks were noisy when they went to work at 4.30, but the bed was comfortable and I really accomplished quite a lot of work by having to stay in.

Last night we had G.I. details instead of class. Mine was to trim the mops. After much, much effort I finally got a single edged razor blade to cut them with, but even then it was rather difficult. An easy detail compared to some of the others, though dirty.

We have a new boss here in the Adjutant’s Section. A Major Tuttle. He is the Adjutant and has moved down in this building instead of using the office the previous adjutant, Major Sheridan had used. Captain Poslik is still here in the office but he is only Personnel Officer instead of being Assistant Adjutant.

This will probably make some changes as this man is more interested in having a file system up-to-date than Capt Poslik has been. The latest rumor is that he will combine the 201 files and the decimal file and I’ll be responsible for both. I don’t know whether that will be so or not. In some ways it would be better as it would give me more to do and the files could be made more complete if they were in one unit. On the other hand, there would be personnel problems as the boy who is sergeant in charge of the 201 files is absolutely no good and yet is very jealous of my rating. He and I just wouldn’t work together well I’m sure. I’m not worrying until I know more definitely what is going to happen.

Tonight Marjorie and I are going to a movie on the post I think instead of going in town. I have KP all day tomorrow so I’ll be busy this week-end without spending too much money!

It doesn’t seem possible that August is two-thirds gone already. The weeks go by so fast. Fall will be here very shortly now. It has been two months since I was home but it seems a long time ago. Only four months before another I hope. I don’t plan much about my next furlough as I can’t have it until December and so much may happen between now and then that there is no sense in thinking too far ahead. If I stay here, I expect to have mine over Christmas.

Four months seems a long time but at the rate the weeks go by it really will creep up awfully fast. Maybe at the rate the boys seem to be going, the war will be over in the not too far distant future, anyway. Here’s hoping.



Mon A.M.

Thought this was mailed Sat!

Had a quiet day yesterday, read a book during my morning & afternoon breaks. Went to see “Take it or Leave it” – Phil Baker – at the movies last night. –Showed a lot of scenes from old movies that were good.



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