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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Pvt Katherine W. Trickey

A 100, 388

Co. 13 21st Reg. Bldg T-1511

3rd WAC Training Center

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Dear Folks,

I can’t remember when I wrote last! Note the address. I think I wrote you about our Thanksgiving dinner which was so nice. Friday we had classes all day – mostly Orientation classes telling us what we were going to have later – Current history, Military organization, Safeguarding Military Information – etc. We had a lecture on National Life Insurance. I found out that it is a term life insurance for five years during which time after the first year it can be converted into either ordinary life or into a twenty-year endowment policy which is what I have wanted for a long time.

By the way I found out why Bob didn’t get that telegram for so long. Anything which would be the cause of an emergency furlough must be investigated by the Red Cross before it can be granted. When that telegram came, it was, probably, turned over to the post Red Cross,


who telegraphed the Lewiston Red Cross, who in turn investigated to see if it were true and telegraphed back to the Post. In the future, if anything should occur, it will save time to go to the Red Cross at home first and have them wire at the same time.

Saturday we had our first formal inspection, so Friday night we had a GI party with scrub brushes, dust cloths, etc. trying to make our barracks the cleanest of all. Friday nights are reserved for GI parties! Saturday noon I got five letters. I know now how the boys feel when they have mail call and no letters. Those letters Sat. sure pepped me up. Carmen’s letter contained all the officer news. Major Fennell is now a Lt. Colonel in Ireland. He wrote and ask (sic) Mr. Royal to send him 4 copies of our Filebook! Carmen says Major Mackey never wants anything from the files and that it is very, very dull there now. I’m glad I


left when I did!

We had small-pox vaccination & typhoid & tetanus innoculations (sic) Sat. afternoon. I got through it all right without fainting. It wasn’t bad at all. My arms are slightly sore today but really not bad. Some of the girls are not feeling too well today but I’ve felt fine.

I went to church this morning & for a long walk around the post this afternoon, then had a short nap. Since supper I have washed my clothes and written letters.

Yesterday morning we marched over to the North Post parade ground and watched the drill inspection of all the WAC companies. I get very thrilled at the parades. By next Sat if we get the rest of our uniforms maybe we’ll take part.

My but I’m glad I’m here. I think I shall enjoy practically every minute


of it during training at least. Even the work is fun when all of us are doing it together.

I have found out that we don’t get a furlough until we’ve been in at least 4 months so I thought I’d better tell you.

We march everywhere, to mess, to classes, to work, (even to the movies until we get our uniforms).

I have thought of you often today and hope you are all well. I do hope Dad will get tha

t chemist job if he wants it.

I must stop now and write some other letters. Write often

Love to all


P.S. Things I want for Xmas small clothes line.

Snapshot folder.

Shoeshine Kit.

Small bag for clothespins & more clothespins.

Hdkfs. (1)

Box of Mother's cookies.

Small bag for money instead of a money belt.

Army sewing kit.

A small clothes line.

A Flashlight. (Small) lost Aunt Grace's on the way down!

P.S.S. The flatiron came OK Thanks


(1) Hdkfs. Short for hankerchiefs

[Transcription ends]