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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Women’s Army Corps (WACS) letterhead

31 Aug 44

Dear Folks,

How do you like the new stationary (sic)? Pretty nice, what?

I can’t remember exactly when I wrote last. This has been a quiet week. Nearly broke so didn’t go to town. Got paid today. Marjorie & I are going to celebrate by going to the movies here on the Post!

We went to a USO show last night. It was good. The best we have seen so far. They had a very good hoop act (juggling & rolling with 3 actors).

We also went to the library last evening on our way to the show. The USO shows


are held outdoors near the gymnasium.

We have been to the Service Club for evening refreshments and that is about all this week.

The office is going about the same as usual. We like our new Major (Major Tuttle) and although he is much stricter than Capt. Poslik, we seem to be doing all right.

Capt. Poslik is still in the office & we are mostly under his jurisdiction still.


I shall send home the Cheeseman Boys Xmas gifts and you can mail them or hold them as you see fit.

I’ll mail Bob’s & Tex’s from here.

Any suggestions towards other Xmas presents will be apprectiated.

I got Dot’s letter OK.



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