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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Monday 8.00 PM

Sept 11, 1944

Dear Folks,

I am writing at a table in the Camp Library. It is nice & quiet & cool here.

It has rained for three or four days now, but it is a gentle rain and is a relief from the hot weather. However it doesn’t help the tennis court any!

Sat. evening Marjorie & I went to see “Bride by Mistake” a nice light comedy. Sunday we got up early, (Marjorie, Ina Wilson & I) and got the 7 o’clock bus to Macon; had waffles & tea; & then got the 8 o’clock bus for Atlanta. The weather was drizzly but we had a fine time in spite of it. We reached Atlanta about 11.30. We walked all around the business district, window shopping. Lucky the stores were closed, I guess or I’d have spent too much money!

As we were hunting for a restaurant that looked nice, we met one of the Station Complement WACs who had been in Atlanta two weeks studying at Fort MacPherson. She was so glad to see someone she knew! She helped us to get a streetcar out to a restaurant called “ The Pig ‘n Whistle” which [she] said she had found to have the best food of any she had tried.

We had a delicious steak dinner for $1.25. Really good. – Steak, peas french fries, carrots, rolls, salad, chicken soup, tea, & ice cream.

After dinner we went to the Fox Theatre. It is someplace, Gorgeous. The ceiling is twinkling stars & floating clouds. It is a huge place. It is as if in the courtyard of a castle with lighted turret windows high upon each side. The curtain across the front of the stage was very beautiful tapestry. But best of all is the organ. It is, according to them, the biggest theatre organ in the world. The music from it was wonderful. We just wished they’d forget to have the picture and keep on with the playing. He played about 3 pieces before the show started and in between shows there was about 10 minutes of community singing and then he played “The Song of India.” Beautifully done.

The picture was in Technicolor – Greenwich Village, - pretty & OK – nothing to rave about.

Four busses pulled out loaded before we could get on one to come back to Macon so that we made bed check at 12 o’clock with only two or three minutes to spare.

It was quite a strenuous long day but well worth it. I do like Atlanta and it’s nice to get away for a change.

I expected to have to GI tonight but Major Melin, the WAC Director, didn’t come after all, so we won’t have any special inspection tomorrow. We’ll probably have to do it tomorrow or Wed night.

I had a nice cheerful letter from Aunt Ruth today. It was interesting to hear about Walt’s visit and also about the opening of the schools.

I am enclosing some pictures which were taken on the company picnic about a month ago. –

Did you have a good week-end at Camp. Too bad you couldn’t have gone over the week-end before for the pageant. I noticed the write up in the paper. I guess the Halls, Jo Dwyer, and the others were busy for a while getting that ready. Did you notice that Lora Knott was the Director? Has she been home since last winter or what?

Must stop for now.



P.S. I bought me a 40% wool shirt – very good looking $7.75 Mail order form Des Moines. I ordered an 18 and was afraid it would be too small. It came yesterday & was so huge I had to sell it. Crocket got a 16 which was too large for her so I bought that. Imagine my buying a size 16 and having it fit! They certainly ran large.

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