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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga

15 Sep 44

Dear Folks,

The month of September is half gone and seems as if it had hardly started. I got your letter, Mother, written at camp. It made me almost homesick to think of the camp being shut up without me there to help do it.

I wonder how you all and how the camp stood the hurricane. (1) Radio reports this morning said it went out to see [sea] from Portland, but I’m still a little worried about it all. We didn’t get anything here except maybe a little more wind than usual yesterday afternoon. However, all day, day before yesterday the sky was full of planes of all types and descriptions, many towing several gliders. According to the papers, they were coming inland to avoid the storm. It was quite exciting to see so many.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening I went to the movies to see “Arsenic and Old Lace.” I loved it but most of the girls didn’t like it at all. They just thought it was silly. I don’t know whether you and Dot would enjoy it or not, Mother. It is rather scary at times. But it is really very funny most of the time. Dad would like it I’m sure. It is longer than the usual picture and drags a little toward the end.

Minnie’s parents have come from California and she is having several days off beginning tomorrow. They called her yesterday morning from New Orleans on their way here. She was very excited as you may imagine. They have been trying to get here for several months. They would have their reservations all made only to have them cancelled at the last minute.

Major Melin, WAC Director from Birmingham, has been here this week so we’ve had extra inspections and meetings.

I got a nice letter and pictures from Beverley today. That one came out fairly well of me and Bobby. Bobby must have been holding a flower in front of his face, I guess.

The Major came out. I thought I’d better stop typing personal letters!

Sat 7.30 AM.

Must mail this on the way to work.



(1) The Great Atlantic Hurricane, September 9-16, was a large and intense hurricane that went up the eastern seaboard and made landfall on the 14th on eastern Long Island and near Point Judith, RI. It caused 300-400 deaths, mostly out at sea, and extensive damage in North Carolina, New York, New England.

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