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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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24 Sep 44

8.30 PM

Dear Folks,

I certainly intended to write you again sooner than this. Tuesday’s letter really did end abruptly didn’t it? I couldn’t seem to finish it and I wanted to mail it Wednesday without fail. Yesterday I got your letter – with Mrs. Thompson’s enclosed. I hope you’ve got the furnace again by now. It was lucky it wasn’t any colder. I’m glad there was nothing worse. Some places really were hard [h]it, weren’t they? Mrs. Thompson must have had a busy summer.

This week has been busy. Minnie had a 3 day pass and so I was very very busy at the office. I have charge of the 201 files also now so that I have more than ever to do. I expect that when we get some more WACs next week sometime, one of them will be assigned to the file section in place of the only boy left there, so it will be five of


us WACs & no boys except for extra work, sometimes.

Wednesday, we went to see Claudette Colbert in “Since You Went Away”. It was very good, but very sad in spots and quite long.

Thursday Marjorie had the afternoon off and we went in town at supper time, went to the show “Henry Aldrich’s Little Secret” Swell! Darling baby, no war, & entertaining all of you would like it.

Friday I had KP and then went to the show afterward. Saw Casanova Brown good cast but punk picture.

I had Saturday PM off so went to town to get a room overnight. It took me 3 hrs to get one, but finally succeeded, so Marj & I stayed at the Dempsey until 5 this afternoon. We did get up to go to church; then went back to bed again!

We are waiting now until 11 o’clock to get our 3 day passes – Mon Tues & Wed


We are going to St. Augustine Florida. Boy, will it be good to take a trip even for 3 days. Rules wouldn’t allow us to start Sat evening. We can’t get our passes until almost midnight. Very silly, we think.

I’ll drop you at least a card from there. Tell Aunt Grace & Beverley that I got their letters & cards and thank them very much. I’ll write as soon as possible to them personally.

Much love to all of you


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