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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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18 Oct 44

Noon Wed

Dear Folks,

Can’t remember when I wrote last – but I did write a note to Dot Sunday. –

General Brown is inspecting this PM so we are trying not to muss up our beds & areas this noon.

I have been working hard this last two weeks, as I have had only new help (neither girl very good) in the 201 file and seems as if we’ve had more filing than ever to do.


I have played tennis several times and am enjoying it immensely – I expect to play again tonight. –

We’ve been down to the gym once for basketball. I had a good time. I’m in much better condition to play than I have been for some years before.

We went to the movies over at #3 to see The American Romance. Good story of the steel & auto industries, - quite long. We walked back (2 ½ miles) – didn’t mind it at all.

Sunday – wrote letters – played tennis – took a walk in woods – read a book - & went to the movies – nice day!


Monday evening – Marj had K.P. and so I went to the library alone stayed there 3 hrs just reading would do it more often if it were nearer. It’s a 1 ½ [mile walk] each way. Last night I had my hair done then went and had my picture taken again – (I had them taken about 2 weeks again [ago ?] and they came out terrible) I hope these are good. I wore my tropical worsted suit. We changed Monday into our winter clothes – seems queer but good. It’s been very cold these last 2 weeks.

We have a lot [of] new girls in the detachment which


is interesting – If we can’t go somewhere else, it gives us some change to have some new people to talk to.

Dot mentioned in her letter that those dining room chairs were pretty far gone. I can readily imagine it. If they’ll go till the last of Jan, maybe we could all pick some out together. If not, I’ll be glad to send some money each month for some if you can find some on the installment plan.

The planes are so thick overhead, we think there must be another hurricane coming towards Florida. (1)



(1) The Cuba-Florida hurricane of October 13-21, also called Pinar del Rio hurricane, was a category 3 storm that struck Florida near Sarasota on October 19, 1944. It killed 318 people (18 in Florida) and caused over $100 million dollars in damage.

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