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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Women’s Army Corps (WACS) letterhead

Thurs. 2 Nov.

10.30 PM [1944]

Dear Folks,

The weeks & months certainly roll around quickly. November already! and a week since I wrote last!! I’m ashamed.

I got both Dot’s & Mother’s nice letters today and enjoyed them very much. Wasn’t the clipping about Bobby cute? I showed it to Lt. Flaherty, Dot. She wanted to know if he had our coloring. I couldn’t remember!! Has he?

Mother, it is a shame about the car but it was certainly nothing that one would expect! – I’ll send the money with this letter. – I’ll still have 2 paydays


before furlough so I ought to be all right. I had $35 left over last month.

Wasn’t it nice to have Teachers’ Convention in Lewiston so you could see & hear from so many? I’d really have liked to have had a furlough then. I expect to come sometime in January but I won’t know for some time yet when it will be exactly.

Have you Walt’s address, yet? I’ll try to write Bob at his new APO this weekend. We are going to Perry to rest so I’ll maybe have time to do it!

I think I wrote last Thursday so I’ll try to catch up on the news. Friday, we learned that the WAC Lt. Colonel from Washington, (head of the


Army Ground Forces WAC s) would arrive Sat AM. So we had to spend all the evening cleaning for her. I got the Day Room Detail & worked down there 2 hrs; then came back to the barracks & washed the window side of our bed and straightened up my lockers & pressed my suit –

She came all right and inspected everything – our barracks & area & visited us at our offices. She was very pleasant to meet and talked informally with us.

Sat. I worked all day & went to the show in the evening to see “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” one


of the best movies I’ve seen for a long time. No war – very beautiful music & a good story – You’d all enjoy it. Sunday AM I had to work at the office from 9 to 12 to take care of the mail. We’re going to have to take turns there Sunday from now on (They call it being C. Q. – Charge of Quarters). In the afternoon, I worked with some of the girls getting decorations ready for our Halloween party which was Tuesday evening. I got stuck with being Chairman of the Decoration Committee much to my disgust. I stopped at 3.30 and got ready and went in town with the Scout Troop which Corey (one of the Station Comp. WACs) has out here


in the goverment housing settlement near the camp. There was a vesper service for all the Macon Scout Troops and it was interesting to see Scouts again. The service was punk unfortunately. The ministers didn’t know how to talk to children. We rode both ways in a Govt. truck. There were 4 WACs & 6 Girl scouts and a Negro soldier driver!

We missed supper, so I went to the PX for a sandwich and then some of us went to the last show to see Greer Garson & Walter Pidgeon


in “Mrs. Parkington.” It was very good acting & an enjoyable enough plot – but not as good as some. Worth seeing however, for the acting alone. – No War.

Monday evening was Basketball again – Tuesday from 6 to 8.30 I was decorating the Recreation Hall ( The one in the boys’ Headquarters Company Area) for the party. We finished and came back to the barracks to get ready to go to the party but I was so tired and didn’t feel well. (a cold I guess) I just couldn’t make myself get


ready to go out again. I went to bed instead! The girls said it was a fairly good party though no one felt it was too good, so I guess I didn’t miss much.

Last night, I was sent in town as representative for the Wheeler WACs at the basketball council. We planned the basketball tournament & had a nice meeting. There were representatives from Warner Robbins civilians & Warner Robbins WACs – from Cochran Field WACs – from the Navy Fuse Plant civilians – from


the YWCA girls & one or two store teams. It sounds like a good tournament – beginning a week from Monday.

Tonight, I washed from 6.15 to 7. Then went to glee club. We’re working on Xmas carols. I’m singing alto and like it. Since practice I have ironed & pressed nearly everything I possess!

Now I must take a shower & get to bed as it is 11.15!

Much love to all of you,


P.S. I probably can send money for the garage rent each month also!

[Transcription ends]