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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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8 Nov 44

4.15 P.M.

Dear Folks,

This is the first letter I have written in the office for months now; but this day has been very quiet as far as current work is concerned and we are held up for a while on the back work we were doing so I’ve the time to spare today. We’re all of us in the unit trying to get at least one letter written here while we’ve time as it is an occasion to have finished the day’s work by this time of day.

I guess I have slipped again about writing. I believe it has been almost a week to catch up. --- Friday, we had drill and a movie. Those of us who took that course have to run the machine, of course. It was set up all right, but they had sent us a film which hadn’t been rewound and it came out up-side down! So we couldn’t use that one. We had two others however. One had a seen (sic) from Danny Kay’s picture in it and was very funny. I certainly love to hear that guy even if he doesn’t make any sense.

Saturday, Crockett and I both had the afternoon off, and we had made reservations at the Perry Hotel. We caught the 3.15 bus and got to Perry about 4.30. We went to bed and had a nap till about 7.00 o’clock; then got up and dressed and waited for Kerner who had had to work but caught the 6.15 bus getting there about 7.30

We had dinner in the hotel dining room. That hotel is one of the eating places mentioned in Duncan Hines’ Book and it certainly lives up to its reputation. We had a swell meal for 85¢ I had beef liver and onions peas, kidney beans and sweet potatoes, carrot salad, rolls, pickles, radishes, celery, and banana pudding with whipped cream and tea. Sunday dinner was only $1.00 with roast chicken three vegetable banana salad, ice tea, celery, radishes, pickles, rolls, cranbury (sic) sauce, and the best butterscotch pecan pie with whipped cream on it.

We didn’t get up to breakfast nor for church and we went to bed again after dinner until about 4.00 P.M. So you can see we had a quiet wee[k]-end – But oh so nice! We took a walk around town between 4 and 6 and picked up a great many pecans right on the sidewalk. We felt rather guilty as if the people in the houses would want them, but they were on the sidewalk so we took them. I got a lot one other day going home from the office over under a tree on the drill field. So I’ll be sending some home one of these days. Some of them still have the outer shell on them and you’ll have to peal (sic) them and then let them dry several days before they are any good. You’ll also have to be careful about bad and wormy ones. But I hope there will be a few good ones at least.

I was going to buy some but they were 40¢ a pound plus postage and it didn’t seem quite worth it.

Monday we played basketball (practice only) at the gym and are going to Macon to practice in the Y.W.C.A. Gym tonight. The basketball tournament starts next week and will be played in Y Gym.

Last night, I went to Macon and bought some clothing bags to put away my summer clothes in and then I went to the Macon Public Library. I’d been meaning to go there for some time just to see what it was like. It is a very small building with a limited supply of books. I don’t believe even as many as the Lewiston or Auburn Libraries. I shall go again and read some of the Southern Historical things however.

This has been the most perfect weather. Today was cold when we went to work but has warmed up so that now it would be very comfortable sitting down outdoors. We’ve got the windows and doors all open, although this morning we were very glad of the furnace fire.

The election news is in and our friend Roosevelt won again. I really expected him to do so, but Dewey made a better showing than they expected I guess. Maybe it’s just as well at this particular time but I still think We’re crazy to give one man that much power. I don’t trust his peace policies either. I’m afraid of what he wil commit us to without our knowledge and consent. Maybe I’m just pessimistic and maybe he really does have our not his interests at heart.

Must close now.. Love to all of you including the youngster.



Thurs Nov 9 [1944]

Just got your letter of the 6th this noon. That is a cute picture of Bobby – but he looks so grown up! I’m glad you were able to have the car fixed up right off. Your were lucky – as so many things have to wait nowadays – It will be nice if Mae’s mother & father can move to Pittsfield near the other children won’t it? Mae won’t worry so much about them.

We did go to Macon & practiced basketball. It seems good to be taking part in athletics again. Thought I was too old for that sort of thing, till I joined the WACs!!

I will write the boys, this week-end if possible.



P. S I’m getting my pictures today – I’ll send home those I listed. – keep the others. Should I keep Aunt Ruth’s until Xmas or send it soon as she will probably see yours anyway?

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